Mac Pro Longwear Foundation Review

Hey Guys,

So i recently went out and purchased this from the mac counter in Selfridges,
It cost £22 which i consider reasonable for a good foundation.
I had previously seen a few good reviews on this product on youtube so thought id give it a try!
Before i started using this i was using Revlon Colourstay which i loved but
i could never get exactly the right shade for me.
(If you would like to see a separate review for that product im more then happy to write one as i do think its a great foundation)

In terms of foundation and make up i hate touching up i really don't have the time for it and i can never seem to touch it up to how perfect it was freshly applied at the beginning of the day! :(
I want a foundation that will stay put and deliver the coverage i require and look good for more then just a few hours!

So when i went to the store i was matched to the shade nc25 which was ridiculousy too light i had a visible 'foundation line' along my jaw which looked i decided to match myself :), im Portuguese so naturally have olive skin with yellow undertones,after 20 mins running about trying every shade under the sun i settled with the nc40. i really would recommend you asking them to do your entire face or maybe an entire cheek and actually stepping out the store so you can see if it still looks good outside in a natural light.

So this is what the packaging and product look like, it comes with a built in twist pump which i love if you look closely on the cap there's a lock(left to lock right to pump) to make sure you don't accidentally pump some out which keeps the cap clean .
You get 30 ml of product which lasts me personally an average of 2 months give or take a week or so.

Coverage is medium ,not full,so it doesn't look too heavy and its very buildable if you like a thicker coverage. The finish was surprisingly natural its neither dewy or matte but a nice place in between.
I would however recommend for women with particularly dry skin that they make sure they moisturize very well as once i was in a rush and forgot to and it really 'stuck' to my forehead and looked dry :(

It goes on very smoothly and evenly it doesn't dry or set too fast which is a common found problem when it comes to long lasting gives you enough time to apply at a normal un-rushed pace before it sets.

The consistency of the product its quite thin it doesn't feel too thick on my skin i don't necessarily feel like i have it on, it doesn't have that obvious 'presence' or 'tackiness' that you can experience with some thick/long wear foundations which is a bonus!

It is however drying once its set on the face so i would recommend using a good moisturizer before hand and steering clear of the matifying primers as this really will make you look cakey.
I would also not recommend setting this with a powder ,or atleast if you do, use the powder very sparingly and stick to loose or translucent powder, i personally dont think it really needs it as its staying power is truely amazing.

After i've finished my make up i occasionally set it with urban decays 'all nighter' setting spray or MAC's Fix + if i want to really make sure it stays on (say for a special occasion of if your going out) i've found these two products work really well together.
I was really happy with the staying power of this foundation after a 10 hour shift at work it still looked lovely and i didn't feel the need to touch up at all.

Here is a picture i took on my phone to show how it looks once on its not great for quality i will probably update this with a better picture from my camera.

My Foundation Application Routine

  • First i cleanse my face with a Clearasil 'ultra clear' cleansing pad i sometimes alternate between this and the ultra clear range.
  • I then wait for that to completely dry and use a roughly 2 pea sized amounts of e45 lotion and wait for this to dry
  • I apply my nars make up primer which is very lightweight and moisturizing ,perfect for using with this foundation.
  • After that i pump 2 pumps of the foundation onto a cd, picking up the product with my kabuki brush then buffing it onto my skin using circular motions starting with the cheeks then chin, nose and finally forehead.
  • After that i go on to under eye concealer and blush..etc
To conclude i really would recommend this product to anyone who wants a foundation with superior staying powder it really does do what it 'says on the tin'  and i would actually vouch for the 15 hour claim .
If your thinking of trying it yourself like i said make sure you step out the store and check the colour in a natural light or ask for samples of a couple of colours if you want to try it out first to make sure you get the right shade .

Any who i hope this review is detailed enough and gives you all the information you need, if i've missed any points or you have something you want to ask feel free to comment and ill update the review answering any questions :)

With Love
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  1. I purchased this for the first time about 4 days ago. I love it. x

  2. i know what you mean about the colour matching. i got matched to nc47 and i matched myself to nc15!!! crazy i know. great review, and blog :)

  3. I have been steering clear of liquid cuz i feel it just runs off an oily face. I really like the mac studio fix powder plus foundation that ive been using for years. Might try this out one day though, because it looks amazing on your skin!