A Little Carmex Obsession

Hey Guys!

So im sure i've mentioned this before..i adore the carmex lip care brand but the main issue i have always had is that :

1. The pot variety always gets under my nails especially if i have gels on or iv grown my own out which is so troublesome and messy.

2. The tube variety is great...until..you leave it in your pocket for a while too long and it melts resulting in too much product coming out and potentially a massive attractive carmex blob on your lip .Hot stuff!

So i was browsing fragrance direct one day and came across this beauty and at first sight fell in love and swore it had to be mine!

I love subtle tinted lip colours and love carmex so the idea of two coming together as one is magical in my eyes haha! 

BUT then after close inspection it came to my attention that this product is near £5 for a mere 2g of product.
Just to give you an idea the original pots are 7.5 g and the squeezy tubes are 10, this to me frankly just didnt seem worth it and to be honest i like the tingle of the original product so i went on a hunt ! I came to the conclusion if they sell a tinted balm stick variety they surely should do sticks of the original?

After a lot of searching in what feels like every boots and superdrug i knew, i gave up, pursued an online search and finally found them. I ordered a 3-pack from ebay at only £5.99 (4.25 g each)

I love these they are super convenient and a lot more practical. No messy finger applications, no melting .perfect!

Now im fully aware you all wont be as excited about my find as me but i thought to share it anyways as this is a find im really happy with!

What are your favourite lip balms? have any brands that you swear by or do you really not mind? ,would love to hear your views and any suggestions!

Hope you enjoyed the post ,see you back soon!
With Love
Gina xox


  1. i've never tried carmex. i usually use eos or chapstick brand. might have to try- i love cherry flavoring :)

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  2. I thought the exact same about the tinted version! I prefer blistex to Carmex, they do a lovely tinted lip balm for £2-£3, it's amazing! X


    1. thanks for the suggestion if thats the lip brilliance one ive already got it...and lost it :( haha i really liked that but its something about the carmex tingle that makes me feel like somethings working haha xx

  3. What a great find, I use elfs lip butters, they are tinted slightly and leave your lips really soft :) x

    1. Hey! im yet to try elf will deffo order a few bits and bobs iv heard so much about the brand! xx

  4. totally need to get the carmex moisture plus!! i lost my tube and my lips are dying sadly :(