Fraulein 38 Brush Set

So girls i came home to finally find my new brush set had arrived and i have to say im super pleased with them they're really lovely and soft!

The leather wrap is gorgeous and professional looking its great if your looking for an affordable start to your make up artist kit or just want a large array of brushes for personal use!

I took a few pictures for you girls to get a closer look:

All the brushes arrived in protective plastic cases (which i removed) the larger brushes came with an additional protective thick plastic top which can be easily slid on and off to keep the brushes extra safe and hold their shape possibly?

Once you open the wrap each brush has its own snug little compartment and theres a lovely leather flap to further protect your brushes.

Like i said for those who are just starting out and cant afford to fork out for mac's /bobby brown etc brushes this set is truly lovely and amazing value for money!

Here is a closer view of the brushes not sure if you can make out the quality of the brushes but im really impressed!:

The sets come in a variety of colours and numbers of brushes from 8-32 i believe i was tempted to get the 32 but thought i honestly didn't need that many haha and it was only available in black where as i prefer the wooden look of this set, really reminds me of a couple bobby brown brushes i have for not even a fraction of the price! The entire set comes at under £20 which is what you'd expect to pay for one brush usually!

Here is a link to purchase them if you're interested both 32 and 21 set:

If you want my exact ones have a browse around on ebay for the light wooden one's 
(24 piece set) If i enjoy these enough i may have a look at the 32 and include these in a blog give away but this is already a whole load of brushes haha!

Hope you enjoyed the post and found this useful! let me know your experiences with these if you have a set of your own!

Hope to see you here again soon
With Love


  1. I was looking at these on amazon! They do look lovely. I prefer the wooden ones too. I might just buy them now as I wasn't sure before. Xx

  2. Great review :)
    Laur x

  3. I was checking these out on Amazon and wanted to buy themfor my make-up kit but werent sure of the quality? They're so erasonable!! I might just buy it now anyway :). Following you.

    PS: I have a feeling you went to my college (Kingston) ? xx

    1. i personally am happy with the quality they feel super soft have no complaints as of yet if i ever have any problems i will deffo update this post! thanks for the follow again!

      And noo i didnt but my bf and a few of my friends did used to visit the area a bit maybe thats why i may look familiar ha i get that a lot xx

  4. I need to get these! I love the leather wrap :) Such a bargain.