Fräulein3°8 Eye Shadow / Blush Palette

After what literally felt like months waiting for this (was only really a few days hehe)  i finally received my palettes to go with my new brushes!

Here are a few snaps so u can get a good view of them! the flash does wash some of the colours out :(

Heres how it came packaged with also front and back views, i love the sleek black casing it looks very professional 

Inside there are 3 compartments consisting of two trays of eyeshadows ranging from bright colours,neutrals , shimmers, matte's and also marble shadows. 
Then a tray of blushes and contour/highlight colours.

Each tray is protected individually by a sheet of plastic.

Here's a look at the first tray...

Here is a closer look at the marble colours...(you can also make out the gorgeous colouring of some of the shimmers!)

heres how a few of the colours swatch, i was pleasantly surprised with just how pigmented they were considering the price!

Now on to the second tray...

This tray is more pastel with a few brights and a nice selection of browns and neutrals.


Lastly the blush tray, this has a gorgeous array of subtle pastel blushes to shimmers and matte colours it also includes  what looks like contour colours and a yellow based and white/light shimmer highlight.
I have my eye on the peach colour looks great with olive skintones, a little goes a long long way!


Just to finish the post my excitement of receiving this i did a quick light handed smokey eye with a few of the neutral colours, hope you like!

The eyeshadow + blush combo can be found on ebay however if you just want to try the 120 eyeshadow palette i've included a link below (click on picture to view and buy)

Next palette i have my eye on is the neutral! larger sized shadows only one tray but i reckon i would get more use out of this one:

I have to say im very pleased with the purchase i was so surprised with the level of pigmentation and the blushes will definitely come in handy such a large array or gorgeous colours i cant wait to create an endless amount of looks to come!

Hope you enjoyed the post let me know what you think, 

With Love


  1. Ooo I really like the look of the second neutral pallette as I'm not adventurous enough to use all the colours in the top pallete. But if the neutral one is as pigmented then you can't go wrong can you?

    Great review :)

    Laura xoxo

    1. Yeh I know!now I know it's super pigmented I will deffo invest in the neutral palette I love a good smokey eye :)

      Thankyou! Xox

  2. Oooh these look great!! Never owned a palette I just have so many eyeshadows already that I need to use up first! Thanks for posting :)

  3. your application looks flawless in the last pic!