Kreative Blogger Award

Recently i was pleasantly surprised to learn i had won a kreative blogger award by the lovely Becky, find her here : beautiful best and the rest.

Its always lovely to receive praise and recognition for your blog as most people don't understand just how much effort really goes into one, i am genuinely happy and grateful as it makes all the effort feel worth it!

What happens now:

  • Link the person who gave you the award   
  • Answer the questions below                        
  • Nominate 10 bloggers and let them know
  • Share 7 facts about yourself

  1. What is your favourite song? 
    At the moment im really loving Rihanna's and The Weeknd's new albums/mixtapes i dont have any favourite songs as i often have my iphone on constant shuffle i love a variety of sounds.

  2. Name your Favourite Dessert? 
    Ooooo now this is a hard one! hmm i love the chocolate mousse desert at strada! (so much so i even blogged bout it!) I love pretty much every desert on the planet i have such a big sweet tooth !

  3. What ticks you off?
    Possibly the only thing that will annoy me is disrespect, i am so bubbly and friendly all the time that when someone is rude unnecessarily/for no reason at all i take it to heart and get really annoyed, it is something i will not tolerate!
    Life is too short to surround yourself with negative people.

  4. When I am upset I... 
    Eat some chocolate ,have a tea and usually soak in a relaxing bath with a facemask on..that usually does the trick :)

  5. Favourite pet? 
    My late Guinea Pig that sadly passed away due to old age, he was the cutest thing ever with his little quiff whole family shed a tear :( (yes i made him a jumper haha!!)

    I also have a rabbit ,fish and a budgie my budge is lovely i would say i like the rabbit but he's my sister's and doesn't seem to be too fond of me if the nibble/scratch marks on my arms are anything to go by!

    And my fish...well they dont remember where they are every other second so i doubt they care haha

  6. Black or white?
    White as i feel it compliments my olive complexion and i've always thought it brightens your complexion and mood!

  7. What is your biggest fear? 
    Well let me think sharks, spiders, zombies...the usual

  8. What is your everyday attitude? 
    Copied and pasted this from my twitter and facebook bio these are all my own words
    I live everyday with a smile on my face,theres no better way to live life. The world would be lost without literature & music
    Says it all really; smile because someone out there always has it worse then you, never lose sight of your dreams, never settle for second best, never underestimate your capabilities, aim further then your reach because even if you cant get to it now...the ladder is not going to get itself out for you.

  9. What is perfection? 
    Perfection to me is having a busy productive day doing something i love to do as i hate wasting my days at home, then spending good quality time with friends after.

  10. What is your guilty pleasure? 
    I shop far too much i love discovering new products and trying new things out.

Random facts about me 
  • First impressions of me are almost 100% inaccurate. 
  • I live in central london <3
  • I have a scar in my right eyebrow that everyone thinks i shave in like a chav haha!
  • I left London College of Fashion as i couldn't put up with the pretentious atmosphere & people..dont regret it.
  • I am interested in anything creative having trained in dance, drama, art, tailoring .
  • I love to read i have 3 bookcases in my room full of books iv collection is on going.
  • According to my boyfriend i sound posh...i prefer to call it well spoken :)

My nominations, these are the blogs I love reading most:

Hope you enjoyed the post, take care.
the colours in this post are all mixed up it means nothing..just that the editor is poop!

With Love 


  1. congrats! deffo a creative blogger!

  2. Congratulations on the award! Your pets are so cute, I used to have a Guinea Pig and have a rabbit too :)