Mini haul - Superdrug


Mini haul - Superdrug

So for those of you that follow me on twitter know i am a loyal superdrug visitor haha i recently (about 2 weeks ago) went and bought a little skincare haul so heres a quick post showing you what i purchased!

A few are repurchases , being the garnier skincare and the biore nose strips .

The Garnier range really works well with my oily skin and hasn't let me down in a long while so these have always got a permanent place on my bathroom shelf, to be completely honest i never buy the biore strips full price i think £8 is a ridiculously extortionate price so im lucky to always catch them on a half price promotion!

A few new purchases also, i love my cherry carmex it smells devine and really does wonders for my lips but for those of you who have this its a pain putting on with long nails and the tube version melts and gets messy so i wanted a quick to apply balm,the tint being a bonus!

It looks glittery on the stick but applies really subtly yet beautifully .gorgeous and natural but i think i miss the tingle of my good ol' carmex. I have just found out that carmex does the exact equivalent of this carmex in a balm is what i have been waiting for ,deffo ordering that!

Next is the Simple Moisture Boost i really like this product i bought it at only £4 and as i only use powder mineral make up this really helps add a dewy look and rid  your face of the 'powdery' look. When used at the end of the day it really refreshes your make up resulting in not needing to re apply as much! Win Win!

Lastly is The Beauty Parlour's eye eye captain 

With a roller ball application its really comfortable on the eye area.

It applies clear and feels super refreshing semi cold + tingly which isperfect for tired mornings it really freshens up the area and after approx 2 weeks use day and night i have definitely noticed an improvement in the treatment of circles but i really would like to wait at least a month before far however i really like this product i would buy it purely for the cooling and moisturizing effect alone because its a truly a god send in the morning !

So guys thats it i hope you found this insightful , see you here again soon!
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  1. Lovely haul! Def a few products I want to try!

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog - now following you!

    Lovely blog - I look forward to reading your posts! :)


  3. Awesome review dear.great blog..Your an inspiration.following u now,hope u can take time to share some love by following me back,xoxoxo..

  4. Yes i deffo recommend them they are the best pore strips by far! However like I said I would only buy them when they're on offer because otherwise its something stupid like £8 a box