Zara Haul

I never usually shop in sales because frankly i've always considered it more stress then what its worth but when i popped into zara the other day it was lovely and organised so had a little rummage around came out with a few bits and bobs im really pleased with!

I mostly came out with tops as i feel you can never have too many!

Here's a closer look at them all:

First up is this gorgeous deep blue-green top with a lovely ribbed surface all over, which catches the light in a really flattering way and accentuates shape and draping. It features 2 golden zips on the back starting at both shoulders which are purely decorative but add a nice little touch.

I teamed it up with my 3-tier necklace and a skinny patent light grey belt for a little waist synching.

I can see this worn both dressed up and down with accessories and jeans or even just with leggings as it does cover le bum area when un belted.

Next up is this sequinned tank with zigzag detailing , i really love this it drapes beautifully without diminishing curves.
Its a great twist on the classic tea, an instant glam up for any pair of jeans teamed with a pair of heels i would feel great wearing this both day and night.

Next is this little silver number..
Again i teamed this up with the 3 tier necklace to add a pop of colour to the outfit.
I love the shape of this top it sits beautifully on the body . The fabric is lovely to the touch and very silky super comfortable to wear.

Next up is a knit, this is see through so i usually wear this with various coloured tanks underneath,for a contrast of colours. 
I also sometimes belt this with a skinny waist belt to add some extra shape as it is really loose fitting , i just love the sheen it has it definitely adds an edgy look to your outfit in one quick step.

Last of the tops i did actually include in an outfit of the day post but ill repost the picture here again incase you missed it...

Ignoring the extra parts of the pic again this is a similar top to the silver in terms of shape, except this has a semi glittery snake skin print on top of the fabric which adds a nice twist to a minimal top.

Here is a zoomed in look at the print...

Last but definitely not least are the shoes! now i love these i wanted them before they were on sale but my mother managed to convince me otherwise as she said i would break my ankles haha but then when i saw they had been reduced from £50 to a shocking £16 i didnt even think twice they were in my hands and paid for within the minute!

They are a massive heel although they may not look it in the pictures, im unsure of the exact measurement however they are super comfy and clearly made well, i wear heels everyday and these are by far the comfiest.

They have an almost trainer like appearance with padding and colour blocking but i love the unconventional style of these they're casual yet glam and they make me feel so very tall ^_^

Now im pretty much done with tops and most definitely shoes ....(who am i kidding) im looking for some more accessories does anyone have any suggestions? 

Hope you enjoyed the post as much as i did buying them :)
With Love
Gina xox


  1. Those Shoe boots are beautiful! I may have to try some of them on! Thank you for being my 80th follower! :) xx

  2. I have to say that I am in love with those wedge boots and the three-tier necklace! Perfect combo! :)