Growing out Your Eyebrows

I've been asked to do this post a few times and have finally got around to getting it typed up!

Eyebrows in my opinion are a fundamental feature to look after and maintain. 
As getting the right shape width and arch can do wonders for your face ,the same way wrong shape can do equal amounts of damage.
Getting it right balances out the proportions of your face, really frames and opens up your eyes and in turn can alter the look of your face as a whole. 
The slightest alteration in shape,positioning and arch can alter your face completely and even affect how you and your mood is perceived..i think we're all too familiar with the over plucked surprise look!

Here is an example of the effects different shapes can have, both good and bad on christina aguilera (i thought she would be the perfect example as she has gone from one extreme to another being hair strand thin eyebrows to full arches)

As you can see this wasn't the most flattering of choices for christina , her eyebrows are far to thin and in turn (in my opinion) makes her face look wider and unbalances the proportions of her face making the bottom half of her face in terms of features look larger, where as her forehead looks tiny!

Moving on from her dirty days onto her gorgeous pin up/marilyn monroe-esque phase ,which was my favourite! I thought she looked her best with this particular look:

As you can see she has let her eyebrows grow back a lot thicker and arched them quite high (maybe a little too high) which gives her that trademark marilyn look which is really feminine and seductive.
The added thickness to her brows balances out her features and even makes her face look slimmer!
In the top picture her eyebrows are penciled in a little too angular at the top but other then that i love these brows!

If you find yourself in the situation where you feel you have over plucked your brows ..dont worry we have all been there! all is not lost! My methods may be some what controversial but none the less they have worked for me and it doesn't include letting them just grow out wildly.

Firstly...and most importantly, step away from the tweezers. For the next few months you will not touch your brows least in terms of plucking!

I am actually currently growing out my eyebrows, my eyebrows are thick but i want them fuller to look more natural!
I have left them to grow out and i use the 'concealer trick'* for as long as i can bare, which is usually a week.

Then comes the controversial part..i shave..yes shave the hairs that i know i dont need in my future desired shape,this is usually the hairs quite low down right on the brow bone. I am fully aware that shaving your eyebrows is like stepping onto forbidden land and is against all eyebrow grooming laws,but, it works for me.Let me explain...

The eyebrows will still look neat and they will grow back quickly letting you pick which hairs you need and dont for the new shape.

The idea is that: because with plucking, all of your hairs are never growing at the same rate, regrowth is always sparse and random, the logic behind my method is that you shave the hairs starting to grow until u see that your whole eyebrow is growing at the same rate.

I produced a diagram to demonstrate what i mean, hopefully it'll make more sense actually seeing what im trying (and failing lol) to explain in words...

Here i have tried to clearly label the different parts, the pink being your current thin brow, the larger stencil obviously being your thicker desired shape and the dark purple lines being your regrowth.

My idea is that you shave any hairs that come outside of the stenciled area and you slowly start penciling/shading your eyebrows in thicker as they start to grow out using the concealer trick* to hide any hairs that particularly stand out.

Now you get the gist of the method ,you keep doing this until you have enough regrowth to fill your desired stencil shape...

Keep this stage up until the regrowth (purple) is as long as or almost as long as the rest of your eyebrow hairs.

Keeping the light blue shaded area shaved until you have enough regrowth to feel comfortable to completely pencil in your desired shape, as if you dont have enough hair penciling it in thick straight away will look fake. 

NOW!  once you finally have your new fuller brows grown out ,this is the not so fun part, you now must leave the previously shaved regrowth to grow out for as long as is needed be able to have them plucked/waxed/threaded <my favourite, professionally. (I would say approx 1-2 weeks depending on how fast your eyebrows grow as everyone varies, approx 2 mm is usually enough)

When you go to the salon be sure to pencil in your desired shape prior to your visit so the beautician can have a clear guideline of how you want your eyebrows. Otherwise they will shape them how they want which is sometimes thinner then my liking! :(

During the Growth process i apply Castor Oil to my brows (and lashes) as it helps condition the hair and speed up growth. I apply this with a clean mascara wand. The Oil is very thick so a little goes a long way!

That is it! i mostly just hope this all made sense haha!!  and hope it helps any of you interested in this!

As always i hope you enjoyed the post and see you here soon!

With Love

*Concealer Method : For those who aren't aware of what this is, this is simply when you pencil in your brows and disguise regrowth by applying generous amounts of concealer (usually a shade or two lighter then your foundation with a flat brush) to the area with the unwanted hair.
This is a great way to hide regrowth in the early stages .It also really helps your eyebrow shape look clean and precise, even on normal days!


  1. What a great, very informative post! Thank you for sharing! I totally agree with what you said about Christina, she looks way better with fuller brows.
    xx, Kels

  2. I loved Cristina during her pin up days! Wow what a HUGE CHANGE! I love how her eyebrows look now.

  3. thank you for the nice comment :) , me too im deffo not a fan of the thin brows ! xxx

  4. oooh this is so helpful!!! my eyebrows have been changed soo much from what they originally look like because of various threading ladies! im growing them out atm and attempting to secure the shape myself!! xx

  5. I'm lucky with mine, I wax them every 5 weeks, which is just a basic tidy up :) I'm lucky :) My Mum's are over plucked from years ago! Thankfully I didn't over do mine.

  6. there is really nothing more ageing than overplugged eyebrows.... great post and loads of good tips... thanks for sharing! x Marina

  7. Great post! I have had my eyebrows waxed once and i've never even plucked my eyebrows before as i have the lightest eyebrows in the world so you can barely see them! I keep meaning to book an appointment to get them tinted and after this post i'm definately going to be on the phone making that appointment so i can have nice eyebrows!

    Georgie <3

  8. i love it. for you so beautiful your eyebrows, I want one like that! (hungarian girl)

  9. Loved your post on brows. I had thin brows even when I was much younger and spent a long time on my eyes getting ready to go out. I heard about Neubrow from a friend and decided to try it - I had never heard of a brow thickener. I LOVE my brows. You can read up on Neubrow at :)