HRI Skin Complexion Tablets

For those of you who read my skincare post ( here ) you would have already seen my mention of this brand and after practically a year on them i thought they deserved a post in their own right.

These are the tablets in question..
Now i have had two separate experiences with this product once back when i was around 15, i did not stick to the dosage recommendation it was something i only took when i remembered and never got into a routine of taking them regularly so inevitably they had no  effect on me, i then gave them up, casting them aside as a waste of money.

..Up until last year where for some wild reason i decided to pick them up again and give them a go after a bit of research online into reviews and such with a lot of positive feedback i decided to give them another shot .

I read in a forum somewhere about someone who took double the dosage 
2 tablets in the morning 
2 at lunch &
2 at night 

They noticed a significant improvement within only 2 weeks! so...yes i know its bad but i decided to do the same and...i was astonished to say the least,in a positive way.
My skin was not only clear but it looked more even toned as wel.I naughtily proceeded to finish my first box at double the dosage.

However of course i never intended to continue on this dose as i know recommendations are there for a reason my methods were as follows...
Double dose until my skin was 80-100% clear then continue with normal dose to maintain the clear skin and that is what i have done ever since.

Im sure they work at the recommended dose but for something like supplements which are already looked at with a sceptical eye i think fast results are needed when trying it out to convince a person they are worth it. As unless im mistaken on the regular dose it would take up to3 months to see any results which..for most people results in them giving up before they've even completed a third of that time frame.

Just to give you an idea of my skin type i have very oily skin and prone to breakouts,although i have none that is purely down to my strict regime and discipline when it comes to taking care of my skin.
If i do not stick to my regime i will break out easier then most people. I also have to use a oil controlling moisturiser and primer to keep my skin under control!

Skincare is one of the most important things to me as in my early teen years i tackled bad skin ,its something that does stay with you mentally ,thats probably why im so strict with myself now, so for me to be recommending anything to do with skincare means i truly whole heatedly believe in it!

Now im not recommending you all go out and buy this and take the double dose method but its what works for me, if you have skin that only breaks out every once in a while your regular topical skin care products will suffice, i would only recommend this for those who truly tackle with keeping their skin in check.

The box retails at £2.20 in boots the last time i went, it used to cost £3.50ish so its super affordable ,if you are interested in purchasing them at the moment boots has a 3 for 2 offer on vitamins at the moment so i got 3 boxes for under £5!!
Each box has 50 tablets inside.
They also sell these at holland and barret but its around the £4 mark so i would stick with boots, superdrug don't stock them as of yet, ive checked quite a few times.

I hope you found this insightful if you have any questions regarding the tabets feel free to comment bellow

As always hope to see you here again soon
With Love 


  1. they're super affordable so its worth a try ,maybe even trying the method i did to see if they help! i just repurchased them at boots for £2.20 each it seems to have got even cheaper! woopy :) xxx

  2. I tried this when I was younger too! But, like you, I never remembered to take it. Oops! It's all herbal ingredients so I can't imagine it'd be too bad for you if you double dosed? Might give it another go after reading this :) x