Superdrug Tea Tree Range

I frequent in superdrug quite a say the least! A long while ago i stumbled across their tea tree range. 
As a big fan of using natural oils and products i thought to give it a go! I've also always loved tea tree oil, its benefits and uses are endless it also does wonders for blemishes.

I picked up another of my beloved foam face washes, along with the 100% pure essential oil and a new product i hadn't yet tried, the sensitive tea tree and camomile face wipes!

The essential oil i use for drying out individual spots as its so strong i use sparingly and it works super well, by morning the spot is flat and most of the redness has calmed down.
If you have a particularly bad breakout on any one part of your face you could apply the oil with a cotton ball to the whole are, but i wouldn't do that too often as the oil is so strong it can really dry out your skin if used regularly.

The sensitive wipes i have only used a handful of. 
They leave your face feeling very clean and fresh i wouldn't recommend using these around the eyes, i personally would use this after your make up remover just to be thorough with the removal of make up ,with the added benefits of having a little spot fighting tea tree there as wel!

The foaming face wash i actually use as a make up remover , it literally removes everything!

To remove my make up i firstly run the hot tap and gently wash my eyes ,slowly 'melting' away my mascara with the warm water until all mascara is off my lashes and im left with two very attractive panda eyes!
I next take the wash and pump around 3 times and then proceed to wash off all my make up.The wash effortlessly cleans all make up off my face with the one wash even all my mascara/eye make up! I sometimes repeat with one extra pump if i want to be extra thorough but now i have these wipes i will just use that to follow up instead!

The price for each product was £2.99 and i believe most if not all of the products under the tea tree line are at this price. It is super affordable and effective i am a fan of the range and these products have had a permanent place on my beauty shelf for a long while now so would definitely recommend it!

Have any of you tried this range? Do you have any favourites ? Please share any thoughts in the comments below!
Once again thank you for visiting, i hope you enjoyed the post!

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  1. OO thanks for review on this! This looks affordable yet effective. I think I will purchase the wipes :)
    Ayesha xx