A Few Pretty Bits & Bobs

Once again i found myself having a major rummage through the superdrug shelves and came home with a lovely selection of goodies to try. Most of the time its impulse buying as i love discovering new products and things in general to test out!

Product List:

  • Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer
  • Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Gel Foundation
  • Deep action range at superdrug: Nose Strips, Anti blemish Gel & Shine control papers.

  • Lip Balms : Great Lips, Sugar Lips. (L.H.Collection)
  • Nail Varnishes : U R Fab, U & I. (L.H.Collection)
  • Extreme Volume Mascara
  • Extreme Curl Mascara
  • Bronzer : Shade 3

I set out mainly to get my hands on MUA's Heaven & Earth palette which i loved so much i am now including it in my giveaway!

I noticed MUA had introduced mascara's to their line ,intrigued i picked up both as they are priced at only £2 each which is beyond fabulous, such amazing value and great products.
In all honesty i have reached for my extreme curl mascara literally everyday, i've received so many compliments on my eyelashes this may become a staple in my personal make up bag!

The wand itself is slightly curved and not too big or small,perfectly shaped for coating all lashes and really does deliver with the proper application . 

The only minor con i came across was that you cannot layer this mascara a lot straight away other wise the lashes do start to stick together,i usually do one coat then do my eyebrows/bronzing and blush & go back to apply the second. Basically i would recommend to let the mascara set on your eyelashes for at least a minute or two before going in with a second coat. 2 coats provides perfect lashes for me, with noticeable length and such amazing pigmentation!

The extreme volume mascara ever so slightly reminds me of Maxfactor's false lash effect, the brush is big and thick i haven't used this as much as my curl because i feel the curl delivers better instant results where as i feel you would have to work a bit with the volume mascara, either way i was so impressed with the mascara's i will be reviewing them both separately after at least a good week of using them with before and after pictures.

Nail Varnishes
I also picked up 2 varnish's from their love hearts collection along with 2 lip balms.

I never thought id wear yellow polish but this colour looked so gorgeous and perfect for summer & bang on trend.Its a lovely soft pastel yellow that really makes an impression.

Lip Balms

I picked up 2 lip balms ,which i adore so much i may go back and get the rest .
As you can see in the picture above i picked up two shades, a staple nude and a pretty subtle pink for the days where i want to use minimal make up.

I wear the nude almost everyday but recently have been interchanging between the two, both have great pigment,subtle yet just the right amount of colour to be noticeable. Both are semi sheer and give a lovely sheen to the lips without feeling sticky like a gloss.


Next up is the bronzer i picked up. I picked up the less pinker toned of the bronzers with no shimmer. I HATE shimmer in bronzers and truly think it should be banned! lol

I was pleasantly surprised with this ,Gorgeous bronzed colour perfect for contouring cheekbones and outer edge of the face, i use this on an everyday basis.Big thumbs up!

None of the MUA products displeased me, i was expecting not to like half of them considering how affordable the prices are but was happily proved wrong. I am really impressed with this brand as a whole, i remember when they first started out and have loved to watch them grow and progress i also love that they deliver such great products at really accessible prices.
For too long high end brands have taken over the market & i really feel this brand has a bright future.

Last up are the only non MUA products of the haul! lol

Foundation & Primer
One of which is a repurchase and the other a complete impulse buy. I don't need foundation at the moment as i literally just repurchased my everyday minerals powder foundation however i came across the display at rimmel initially just to pick up my primer but this foundation caught my eye!

Mostly because of the fact that i had never come across a Gel foundation before so this idea intrigued me, i swatched various colours in store and matched myself to shade 200.

Upon application this foundation is instantly cooling, which was completely unexpected and a pleasant surprise. It dries to a gorgeous satin finish and dare ..dare i say this foundation does not even need powdering with my troublesome oily skin!!!! This product deserves its own in depth review ,which i will do along side an application routine as i truly think it was fate that brought us together! 
I am so impressed i almost dont even want to write too much about it here because i dont want the review of this to get lost within a haul i think it needs its own post so stay tuned. but for now its a major thumbs up for me!

The primer i repurchased, Its an affordable primer that truly delivers what it says. My foundation looks significantly better with this primer underneath. At first glance the effect of primers almost goes unnoticed until comes the day that you run out and try to go without it, it was then that i realised the true importance of primer and vowed to never go without it again! Dramatic claim?...i think not. As i recently tweeted : Life without a primer is sin! It leaves my skin smooth and dries velvet to the touch .To conclude.I heart this product !

Deep Action Range
Last up are 3 products from Superdrugs own Deep Action line , as they were 3 for 2 i picked up 3 products which are new to me purely to try out!
The 3 i chose include:
  • Shine control papers.
  • Deep action nose strips
  • Anti blemish Gel

The shine control papers are my new best friend, they are perfect for absorbing the excess oil on your face without having to reapply any make up or add any powder to your face which is perfect for avoiding ending up with a cakey face!

The nose strips i haven't tried yet as i still have 2 boxes of my favourite biore's left, so i will update this post with a review once i have tried them a few times.

Last up if the anti blemish gel which i do quite like. It dries to form an invisible layer on top of the blemish and helps reduce redness,which is perfect for use overnight as it dries almost instantly leaving no creamy surprise stains on your pillow.

However i can't say i will repurchase as the results aren't amazing.It doesn't work as well as my favourite clearasil overnight lotion or treatment gel but for the price the results are satisfactory .

I hope you enjoyed this post! I will hopefully be doing some tutorials both written and video as i am looking to venture out into youtube world! would love any requests or suggestions but for now thank you for reading & as always hope to see you here again soon!

With Love


  1. lovely items love the mua lip balms!

  2. Love the MUA polishes, such nice shades! I actually got the rimmel match perfection recently too, in the bottle form, its pretty good!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  3. that eye shadow palette looks gorgeous! I've never tried MUA before :(

  4. Love this post! Def going to try the yellow nail polish, been meaning to get one... And the foundation looks intriguing! What've u tried elf blotting papers? I really love them and my skin is extremely oily too :)

    Following :) check my beauty/fashion blog out...


  5. I love MUA, they are so reasonably priced and good quality!

  6. Wow! The Love Hearts lip balms look great on you Gina! Great post xx