Bendy Rollers RAVE

I initially came across these rollers quite a while back however dismissed them as i thought there was no way that they would work or at least give me decent results considering there is no use of heat!

I had heard of sleeping with a bun gave you curly hair but that i found was very hit and miss as you couldn't really style the curls as you wanted and it only really worked if you had quite long hair.

Long story short i met a girl at work who had gorgeous curly/wavy hair, a hairstyle very popular amongst celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce & Miley cyrus. A soft yet glamorous curl with a lot of body and movement ,my personal favourite way to wear my hair!

Initially i ordered a few packets of rollers from ebay not paying attention to the size, the rollers were only 1cm width so gave me quite tight curls (quite similar to those achieved with the babyliss conical wand).

I then ordered the largest width rollers i could find and these worked better for me, giving me curls that i'd usually get using my tongs.Result!


These guidelines are for the purple rollers as i prefer the results with these.
I followed the same basic guidelines with the smaller rollers except i used more rollers and smaller sections .

Heres a picture of how the rollers looked like whilst in just before i set off for bed!

For application as there were 12 rollers i allowed 6 per side. 

I first separated my hair in half down the centre of my head right the way to the bottom. 
(See first diagram)

I then sectioned my hair evenly into 6 wide parts , as the wider the section, the softer the curl.
(see second diagram)

I rolled the rollers away from my face as thats how i wanted the curls to fall but you can obviously control how you want yours to look or alternate between rolled in and out.
I chose to roll each side of my head away from my face. 

The rollers themselves held shape well once moulded into place the wire inside the roller helps it form whatever shape you mould it into. 
I then wrapped a headscarf around my head to insure the rollers stayed neat and in place during the night as i tend to move around a lot!

I was left with these results in the morning:

Here is a picture of how my first attempt at using these rollers turned out (using the smaller blue rollers) Sorry about the picture quality as this was just an experiment i took a quick snap with my phone!

As you can see the curls are still very impressive the ends are a little all over the place but thats just because i didn't roll them very neatly.I learnt with practice but i was still amazed at the results considering how sceptical i was!

Next up is the results with the larger (purple) rollers:

When i saw the results i was so excited! This would cut my getting ready time in at least half!
Such amazing body and bounce, that would usually take hours with a heated styling tool and drop out fairly quickly if the right products aren't used. Where as with the rollers because you have slept with your hair wrapped around them for so many hours the curl holds its shape all day (for me any way).

I hope you found this post informative and if you've tried bendy rollers yourself i'd love to hear how you got on with them !

I've included a link to amazon as to where to buy the large purple ones for yourself! Super affordable and under a fiver! :)

As always hope to see you here soon! :)
With love


  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous! I need to recreate this look, DESPERATELY!

    1. so glad you liked it, i would deffo try it out i heat style my hair usually everyday so this really helps me not fry my hair as much! xx

  2. This looks really nice :)

    I could never figure bendy rollers out though!

    Laura xoxo

  3. wow! your hair looks so gorgeous and full of life! I purchased a small set of bendy rollers but my curls become too small. I'll definitely be purchasing the thicker ones!
    Ayesha xx

    1. yeh that was my first mistake i didnt look at the sizes just assumed it was all the same thing the larger ones really do look that much better i would deffo try them considering how cheap it is! xxx

  4. Oh my God, can't believe how good that looks!

  5. omg those looks incredible!!!! and i cant believe you got those results with no heat! im defs gonna get these!!!! xxx

  6. Hair looks lovely1 I want to get the big bendy rollers, hope they'd work with my extensions!haha xx

    1. Thankyou! The girl who initially recommended me these had a whole head of extensions so im sure if its human hair it will work just as well! not sure how youd put the bendy rollers in though if theyre clip ins ,that may be a bit awkward to do haha! xx

  7. you're hair is absolutely gorgeous! totes heart it! i have bendy rollers... think i may dig them out!

  8. i put the rollers into clean dry hair ,no products i sprayed hairspray after styling the curls with my fingers but other then that its literally all the work of the rollers!

  9. LOVE your hair with these!! Does the hair stay wrapped around them easily? I've just had all mine chopped off so find it really difficult to use tongs on it now as can't reach the back lol xxx

    1. thankyou! yess the only tricky bit is the first bit getting the ends to stay but i usually spritz them with a spray conditioner or probably any kind of hair cream would work just to get the ends stuck down onto the roller nice and neat after that its a breeze! aww no! rollers may work easier because u can use both hands ;)! xxx

  10. beautiful curls! I will buy bendy rollers tomorrow and will try it!