I think i may be a LUSH addict..there, i said it!

Hey guys!

I posted recently about my recent first trip to lush and i have to say im already addicted! i have been back so many times its unreal and i must say i am genuinely enjoying the brand !
This post will probably be a double haul as i have been a few times in the same week ha!

This time i wanted to try out some bath products and a little more skin care! Heres a look at the goodies i came home with!

I recently tweeted about visiting lush and received a few recommendations, one product in particular kept being mentioned and that was the Honey I Washed The Kids soap, so i decided i had to pick it up!

Second was practically an instant purchase, i was flicking through the lush newspaper and came across a little article on Coal Face cleansing soap which is supposed to really help particularly oily skin! As this is a problem for me i definitely wanted to give it a go!

Lastly from this trip i though i cant leave lush without one of their famous bubble bars so had a quick sniff of them all and decided on the Creamy Candy Bath!

First things first i must start off with mentioning the products that i've particularly enjoyed.

Honey I Washed The Kids
Over the last week or so i have been using Coal Face every morning as part of my pre make up routine to see if it helped with my oiliness and i have to say yes i am impressed!
I team this up with my Enzymion moisturiser i was given a sample of on my first trip and i have definitely noticed an improvement in not only the durability of my make up, but the reduction in oiliness.

To conclude - Would i recommend: Yes.

Coal Face
I seem to have the opposite problem on my body than my face as if i dont moisturise after bathing my skin feels tight and dry, after trying Honey I Washed The Kids soap i was not only left adoring the scent of it but the fact that it didn't leave my skin feeling uncomfortably dry.
I really love this soap, it lathers up super easily and leaves your skin feeling soft and lightly scented.
Its also great even for your intimate area as regular soaps can sometimes contain harsh ingredients that aren't suitable for use for such a delicate area,yet this soap is mild and gentle yet thorough enough to use there, the lovely scent being an extra bonus!

Would i recommend : Yes.

Creamy Candy Bath
Last up is the Creamy candy bath i dont know what i really expected with this but it definitely exceeded my expectations as i didn't expect it to bubble up too much... i couldn't have been more wrong!

This was from using only 30-40% of the bar itself i was so amazed! it smelt of candy,hence the name, and produced a lot of bubbles to say the least! perfect for covering your modesty or if you just enjoy bubbles this is perfect, the scent wore off quite fast however and the bubbles sadly didn't last much longer either,sad times!
To conclude lovely little concept to try out if your intrigued however this didn't 'wow' me & also it didn't do anything amazing for my skin so i doubt ill repurchase

Would i recommend: Cant say i would ! However okay to try the once!Great bubbles!

Follow Up Of Previous Lush Purchases

As im on the topic of lush i also wanted to write a quick follow up of my previous purchases,from this post,particularly the ones that have stood out and worked for me. Also those i wouldn't repurchase.

King Of Skin:

  • AMAZING! i adore this product , leaves my skin feeling so moisturised,so easy and quick to do and no need to apply lotions after as it literally left my skin glowing all day. Even at the end of the day my legs still had a gorgeous sheen and felt so smooth! Plus it smells devine!
  • After only only use this literally melted away to half its size , which is disappointing considering its price. It exfoliates well but i found myself too scared to use it in fear of it falling apart! It leaves a similar sheen to the skin as K.O.S however the scent isnt as nice! :( I wont be repurchasing, i think ill just stick to K.O.S & Exfoliate with my mitts instead !
Enzymion Moisturiser:
  • I was given a sample of this on my first trip and after a week of use i adore it! Its the only oil control moisturiser thats really worked in harmony with my skin and not been too harsh, i went back and repurchased a full sized pot. I will post a more in depth review of this comparing it to other moisturisers i've tried, so stay tune for that! To conclude i would deffo recommend at least trying this product out! Paired with Coal face they are an oil fighting team not to be messed with!
  • I even tweet raved about my love of this ,its described as an exfoliating cleanser but to be honest its so mild id personally describe it as more of a polish! I use this every night before bed and can genuinely say i have noticed an improvement in the general condition of my skin. My complexion is evened out and its tone has improved!

After countless trips i am now a certified addict! I hope you found this post insightful! 
And as always hope to see you here soon :)

With Love

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  1. thank lord its friday, I'm just going to lie in my tub and afford myself a long, relaxing bath with Lush. adore it <3