No longer a LUSH virgin..and i love it!

I have heard so much about this brand recently and i have two LUSH's right near me so i felt i just had to pick up a few things and see what all the fuss was about!

Let me start off by saying the customer service was truly lovely all the LUSH girls were amazing and really listened to what i wanted and needed.
What i really appreciated was that no one tried to force me to buy anything, which most places do. Instead they gave me suggestions and an array of samples of the items i was unsure of,they told me to go away and have a try at home and come back & purchase them only if i loved them and let them know how i got on.

I've always thought that giving out (quite generous) samples is a true sign of confidence in the brand they clearly genuinely believe in their products and its all made from fresh organic natural ingredients which is amazing and reassuring to know everything you are putting on your face is natural.

Now lets take a look at the goodies i bought!

Heres a list of the things i picked up and a brief description of their purpose:

  • Tea Tree Toner - 'Tea Tree Toner Tabs for toning troubled and traumatised skin.
I bought one of these to try out , they are intended for use with a facial steam, either over a bowl or in your own electronic steamer. Simply pop it into the boiling/hot water let it fizz and dissolve then steam your face as you would normally but with the added antiseptic and healing benefits of tea tree. As i have a facial steamer i will most probably  break it up into bits and not use the whole tablet in one go as it is quite big.

  • King Of Skin - 'Use like a hair conditioner; but on your body. Wash and rinse your body then smooth the bar all over. Rinse off and towel dry. Fresh bananas, avocados and natural butters give you beautifully soft, toned, supple skin.
I tried this in store and fell in love it leaves your skin feeling so soft and moisturised its insane how amazing the immediate results are! You really wont have to moisturise once your out the bath/shower as the natural butters in this leave your skin feeling amazing.

  • Buffy - 'ground rice, ground almonds and ground aduki beans keep your backside nice and smooth. Use it in the bath or shower to scrub, tone up and moisturise your thighs and bottom.

This product is very similar to king of skin except it exfoliates aswel as moisturises, which i thought would be perfect for when i wanted to scrub up well in preparation for when i want to apply my fake tan!

  • Herbalism - ' Surrender to the power of herbs. A solid cleanser to gently exfoliate,remove grease and calm troubled skin.
I wanted to try this to help my oily skin. The product itself is like dough u pick a tiny bit up and mix with water and it turns into a lovely creamy/paste cleanser . It has ground almonds to gently yet effectively exfoliate, i tried it in store and it left my skin feeling lovely and smooth, very excited to try this properly!

Last up its the samples i chose/was recommended:
  • Cupcake Face mask - A moisturising deep cleanse mask to help deal with oil and blemishes
  • Enzymion moisturiser - A facial moisturiser to help deal with oily skin
  • Colour Supplements - (Foundation) in shade 'Dark Yellow' 
I swatched the foundation both pure & mixed with moisturiser and done a quick application (with a light loose powder,bronze to contour & blush)

The result are beautiful and very 'fresh faced' it leaves my skin feeling/looking really healthy and natural however im not sure something this creamy will agree with my oily skin and im curious about the longevity of the product as i only just tried it out! i will report back with a review once i've tried it for a few days

I have to say i am really pleased with everything i bought, i love everything that LUSH represents and the concept behind the brand is refreshing as is their customer service they have gained a regular customer with me ,i will definitely be back to try some more of their products , next in line are their bath melts and bombs they smell so delicious! Even the scent of my haul bag smells fab!

Super excited about finally getting stuck in with this brand! feel free to comment any recommendations or suggestions! 

Hope you enjoyed the post and see you here again soon!

With Love 


  1. Hey, just letting you know I've tagged you in the 11 Questions tag!

    To see the questions I picked for you, please have a look at

    :-) Let me know if you decide to do it, I would love to see your answers!

    Vicky xx

  2. That foundation looks lovely on you! I am the same, with oily skin, I love dewy finished foundations but they usually don't last on me! I bought Matchmaster from MAC the other day but cant have till my birthday but once I try it out I'll let you know how it is :) xx

    1. oo yess please let me know how that goes there must be a foundation out there SOMEWHERE that can cope with oily skin! xx

  3. Yay for joining lush ;) I love the foundations they do


    1. trust me im very happy to be a part of it and im already an addict, ive been back twice since this post haha! i think im in love with this place! xx

  4. ahh yehh i know im trying to let it air dry and keep it out of the bathroom unless i need it as i dont want it to melt away in the condensation/ water :( xx

  5. really nice... I m so dying to loose my lush virginity but we dont have any lush outlet in our country... you look amazing in the pic =)

  6. That foundation looks absolutely stunning on you! I love Lush products too :D