Oil be Gone!

If you read my blog regularly then you would have already heard me moan about my oily skin!
Over the years i have tried many products and moisturisers to try and help battle this problem. Some have worked..some have seemed to have even made the problem worse!

This post is a simple review and compare of all the moisturisers iv recently tried and also the routine that is working for me at the moment in terms of oil control!

The moisturisers in question are:

Garnier Pure - Long Lasting Shine Control Moisturiser

First up is Garnier Pure long lasting shine control moisturiser

The consistency is quick thick , smooths on easily and dries very fast. It is literally uncomfortable to put make up on top of this as it makes your skin so dry and quite tight to where it feels like your tugging on the skin when you apply your foundation. I could never use this without a creamy primer as the finish on the make up wasn't good using this alone.

It had a strong botanical scent and was an attractive shade of..light green. 
During the day my skin did get oily again i felt this made little to no difference , it works very well for the first hour or so after application but past that its a downward spiral.
The impression i get is that this dries the skin out too much and after the initial effects wear off the skin tries to over compensate for the lack of moisture in the skin resulting in an even shinier face then you started with.

I usually love garnier skincare but this product is a no go for me.

Price - £3-4 (approx - depending on store purchased) 

Simple - Oil Balancing Moisturiser

Next up is Simple.

A brand i both love and enjoying as my skin is quite particular and reacts badly to harsh products however this brand seems to really agree with my skin so yay!

This moisturiser is creamy and light ,smooths on very easily and has a lovely delicate scent that just smells clean.
Once applied it temporarily leaves a healthy sheen to the skin (see picture) 
The product eventually dries ,leaving the skin feeling matte yet moisturised ,unlike garnier, there is no 'tight' feeling to the skin, which is considerably more comfortable.

Simple. This moisturiser feels just that. 
Simple, refreshing and effective. I did still oil up eventually but the amount was noticeably less then normal, so this gets a thumbs up from me! 

Price: £4.25 (approx - depending on store purchased) 

Lush - Enzymion

I know you all expected it by now. I, of course had to include something from my new found obsession, Lush cosmetics.

I was initially given a sample of this on my first trip to lush, as i explained my skin problems, the helpful assistant listed a range of products that could help me. 
She kindly gave me samples of the various products to try beforehand to see if they agreed with me.

I went away and tried this moisturiser for a week prior to make up and primer, and in all honesty i was excited with the results! 
My make up looked so much better, this moisturiser held off the oil for a good while..but not completely! Which i think is why it works , it provides your skin with the moisturisation it needs and instead of drying it up completely initially, it controls the oil levels all day, so they never exceed a certain amount.

The container itself has 45g of product ,one dab of a finger (see picture) is enough to cover ..lets say, the entire forehead , a little does go a long way with this moisturiser.

It has a fresh citrus scent which is lovely and retails at £13.50 which may sound a little pricey at first for what appears to be a small tub, however as i mentioned you do not need a lot of this so it will last you ages!

The constancy is very light and thin, the product smooths on easily and dries relatively fast however, like the simple moisturiser, still leaves your skin feeling moisturised!

All in all this receives a massive thumbs up from me! 

My Routine

These are the steps i follow & products i use that are working for me in terms of oil control at the moment. (All prior to primer and make up application in the morning)

Step 1- I wash my face using Lush's Coal Face Bar Cleanser. 

Step 2- I then apply my Lush Enzymion moisturiser to my entire face.Let dry.

Step 3- Next i apply my primer of choice, at the moment it's Rimmel Fix & Protect Pro.

Step 4- Make up Application!

I hope this post helped any of you who may be dealing with the same problem as me! 
As always i hope you enjoyed reading the post! If you have any recommendations i would love to hear them!

See you here again soon.. hopefully ;)

With Love


  1. Ooh I've never heard of the Rimmel primer.. ive been on the look out for one too! Aw its a shame the Garnier moisturiseer wasn't for you, but thats the thing with skin products, I usually have to go through so many prodcts until I find the one for me!

    1. iv repurchased it 3 times now i really like it ,paired with rimmel match perfection foundation i think its called work like a DREAM together! i know! and usually my skin loves garnier ,oh well! wouldn't it be great if products all just did what they said -__- xxx

  2. Nice review. Very informative. I am oily skin too and moisturisers are a nightmare. Might investigate this lush one though as it sounds quite good! xxo

  3. Another great post for us 'oily skin girls' I'm yet to try anything from lush but I'm hoping to try some products soon... Apparently their lip scrubs are really good too?

    http://daniellabeautyjunkie.blogspot.com xx