Fashion At Your Finger Tips

Let me start off with a statement i came up with a while back which describes exactly how i feel about fashion
'Fashion is not the label you wear , but the personality you portray with the pieces you put together, regardless of brand or price tag'

As an ex fashion student i have always had an appreciation for beautiful clothes, i have also had a permanent hatred for some of the overpriced high street clothes,which most of the time, the quality is most definitely not a representation of the price tag *cough topshop cough*
 (i am very sorry if i offend anyone with that comment i just dont particularly like topshop i feel it has become so commercialised and i really do not feel the quality of their clothes deserve the price tags they dream up, although i do agree that sometimes you can find the odd good bit and bob..i personally have never found anything in there to my taste)

However i have absolutely no problem with high prices if i feel the clothes are truly worth it, i think people should definitely be more aware of what they are paying for and take a close look to see if its a good quality piece, my favourite high street store for price vs quality is zara, their clothes look both gorgeous and classy the tailoring in the blazers/jackets especially is stunning and i feel the clothes look far more expensive then they are if put together well.

I have compiled a list of great sites that you can online shop .These mainly focus on sites that offer affordable prices and great clothes for a wardrobe on a budget!

Here are the sites that i have found so far, i will update this post as i find more ,all sites included are trustworthy and have a good level of service!

  • Missguided - a FAB site, great service and lovely selection of clothes, they also do a mean sale too ;)

  • - Another affordable online fashion destination,prices are relatively low, some gorgeous bits and bobs in there too they do an even awesomer (if that were a word) sale , i saw some accessories starting at only £2! craziness!

  • - If you haven't heard of this site well were probably living under a rock of some sort, this site has grown from strength to strength each year and has been a favourite amongst bloggers and women alike.

  • axparis - Another site that offers a similar service and variety as missguided & Fashion Union, i wouldn't be surprised if they had the same supplier, i would deffo shop around and compare prices as certain sites offer exactly the same pieces at different prices!

Check them out ,let me know what you think of this post, i will do a similar follow up in a day or two about great sites for discounted make up, hair & skincare products both drugstore and high end i have a few favourite sites that i personally use a lot for that category so stay tuned! 

In the mean time thank you for stopping by and hope to see you here again soon 

With Love


  1. Great post hun, so true... Same goes for shoes - I love River Island for platforms etc but check out awesome shoes for half the price! And good old eBay! Zara is my absolute fave too! I lived in Spain for a few years and it's even cheaper over there! Actually makes. Zara here look expensive :) xx

  2. Love this post darling. I feel exactly the same as you about Topshop. I don't even bother going into it now, its so overpriced and overdone... everyone seems to buy the same things from there, and I don't want to look like everyone else.

    I agree about Zara also, when I lived in France, I lived in Zara, its such good quality. I also love AX Paris, they have some lovely dresses in at the moment. :D


  3. I am totally with you on Topshop - the prices are in no way in line with the quality of the clothing they sell.

    Fashion Union do some really pretty pieces. I'll have to investigate further! x

  4. Great blog, and I love your name! New follower, please follow back. Thanks!