My Absence From The Blogging World - Training At London Muse Make up School

Hey Guys, 

Now some of you may (or may not) have noticed i haven't blogged in literally light years, that is because firstly i was working pretty much every day to save up money to go towards the course i'm doing at the moment .

I decided to go to London muse make up school and do their ultimate course which consists of 4 weeks of intensive training in make up artistry and just over a weeks training in hair styling.

I have so far had such a lovely experience at this school and thoroughly enjoyed every day as with each day i go in i feel i'm actually learning and developing not only technical skills but confidence in my application.

 I can't wait to pursue this as a career as i have always loved art since i was a pea and my love of make up and more importantly the positive effect it can have on someone's self esteem are my reasons for wanting to pursue this as a career, i want to make women feel and look the most beautiful they can be and boost their self esteems whilst having fun experimenting and exploring new products.

I will do a follow up post once i have completed the course with loads of pictures taken along the journey, those of you who follow me on twitter/instagram would have already seen a few.

If you are someone who is looking into getting professional training in make up artistry and are serious about pursuing this as a career i cannot recommend this institute highly enough. 
The atmosphere is very down to earth and friendly, classes are kept small to ensure everyone gets quality attention and feedback from the tutor.
Also another important aspect is that they offer a finance option, so you can pay for the course monthly,making training a lot more accessible then some make up schools that charge just shy of 20 thousand per year,which i think is ridiculous.
Its very much like a family; you form close bonds and contacts within the industry through the course which is invaluable.

I'll end this post by leaving you with a few pictures i have taken already! :)

 Some of my work in class...

Course shopping day ;) 

I will try my best to return to normal blogging mode as soon as possible as i am starting to have more time on my hands, i just wanted to share this experience as i am having such a good time and i know a lot of you were interested in training and hearing my opinion on the place itself also, if you have any questions at all feel free to ask :) 

With Love


  1. Hi Gina! Lovely pictures, I think you're doing great :) Have fun at your course and I can't wait for you to share more on it next time (hopefully with some tips and tricks in the bag) ;)


  2. Yay glad you're back to blogging Gina! Can't wait to see more pics from the course xx