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Today's post is going to be about 

Self-Esteem & Confidence.

Through the early teen years of any woman's life i think we have all had to tolerate bullying or bitchy behaviour of some sort ,whatever the extent or type, be it verbal,physical,cyber etc the effects always remain, sometimes affecting us in ways we don't even realise. Some of the negativity around females in particular is evidence of this and is both shocking and disappointing to say the least.

I have always wanted to discuss this topic but never really thought to blog about it,however this urge was sparked up again by a recent event.

We are all constantly exposed to a constant inflow of images in magazines and on the tv of unrealistic levels of perfection, the scrutiny towards people in the public eye is shocking. The need to look nothing less then perfect when going to pick up some groceries is even starting to spred to us normal folk. 

Entire articles talking about 'celebs looking ugly' i personally believe to be unhealthy ways to make people feel better, especially at the cost of someone else.

The one i try to remember to live by is to just let go and be positive as much as i can.
Let go of all negativity ,let go of every doubt, every insecurity, every bad thought towards myself that i have ever felt & yes i know that it's not easy at all, even to this day i find it hard to follow my own advice, but allow yourself that moment of sadness, get it out of your system by all means, but let go when you're done.

There is absolutely no point in continuously putting yourself down with insecurities, its only natural to look in the mirror and only notice imperfections, after all you are your worse critic. You look at yourself every day so the first thing you will notice are the things that stand out, which most of the time are the things you deem to be imperfections and things you wish to change.

Why do you want to change? most probably because you are force fed images of 'ideals' by the media, but who determines just exactly what these ideals are? why must we all compare ourselves and be judged and ranked against each other!
Why must women be led to believe that if we dont look like the Cheryl's, Beyonce's and Megan fox's of the world,that we're not beautiful?

These women are all beautiful in their own right but so are you, so please do not forget that.I realise that sounds a bit cheesy but so many of you seem to forget this or worse yet, don't even realise.

To have a beautiful soul and personality is to be truly beautiful.

Nothing is more attractive than a genuine, down to earth person, so if there was anything you wanted to focus on changing ,please make it your inner beauty.

Forget all the make up, the fashion, the heels,and think, am i happy with who i am ? Could i be more polite or caring and compassionate towards others? because when you feel good about who you are your exterior falls into place and reflects how you feel inside. If you love the woman you have grown up to become you learn to love everything about yourself including your appearance.

Most bitchy behaviour comes from individuals who aren't happy with themselves, some who even kid themselves into thinking they are happy to cover up underlying insecurities that they may not even realise they have.
There is only one excuse for spiteful behavior and that is low self-esteem. 
When you are truly happy with yourself and have come to a point of complete self acceptance you don't look at another woman or person in general for that matter in a negative or envious way,but instead you appreciate their individual beauty.

Remember  It is a waste of time and effort to dwell on insecurities, it is all in your mind. 

If its something you can change for example your weight ,skin, hair etc then firstly admit to yourself that you are unhappy, don't cover it up with false confidence or defensive behavior and make a plan to do something about it. Always try to keep yourself in a positive mind frame about your progress as this will be your motivation to see it through and persevere. 
Always look at things optimistically.

You're not going to be able to be disney happy everyday,thats not natural,of course you will have your off days, even now i still have the odd day where i look in the mirror and give myself a hard time, but just remember there are so many more important things in life to focus on there is so much to achieve .

Instead of looking at yourself and thinking i really hate my nose or i wish my lips or boobs were different why not look and admire a feature you really like, instead of focusing on the negative, appreciate the things you have been blessed with.

Everyone knows the saying life is too short, and that it most definitely is, its your choice, live a life of positivity and fulfillment or sit at home moping about things that can't be changed. Live your life to its fullest potential, achieve everything you want to achieve, do and see everything you dream of.

All of this starts with your attitude & mind frame, start one day on a positive thought the rest is a future in your control.


Hope you enjoyed the post!


  1. What a lovely post! Totally agree with you on this. I've never really been subject to any kind of bullying myself but I witnessed people bullying others for their appearance, particularly in school, and it made me so sad. Who's really to say what's beautiful and what isn't anyway?

    xoxox Chloe

  2. So agree gina!

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  3. I love this! I've wanted to talk about this topic for a while now but didn't even know where to start... you've taken the words right out of my mouth! Great post x

  4. Love your blog!! Your absolutely stunning aswell!

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Such a wonderful post. Sometimes us girls need to hear that, thank you. I found your blog via twitter, now following.

    Much love: