MUA Launch Their Much Anticipated Brush Range!

Hello Beauty Bugs,

MUA have just informed us about the release of their new brush range! This has always been something we MUA fans have been asking for and they've answered our wishes with a full Pro Range consisting of 14 brushes.

Their comments are that there will be more to come in the new year including sets! 

Here are some of the pics shared so far!

A sneaky pic of the full range, close ups revealed one at a time on their Social Networking pages!

Here are the close ups they have shared so far!
Classic Foundation Brush - F1

Stippling Foundation Brush - F2

Concealer Brush - F3

All Purpose - F4 (To be used to contouring ,bronzer,blush etc)

Face & Body Kabuki - F5

 Angled Contour brush - F6

Rounded Eyeshadow Brush - E1

Angled Eyeshadow Brush - E2

Eyeshadow Blending Brush - E3

Compact Liner Brush - E4

Mascara Wand - E5

Brow & Lash Comb - E6

Small Angled Brush. Brow/Liner - E7 

Compact Lip Brush- L1

To get a close up look at the remaining brushes (although i think i've updated this post with them all now) check out their Facebook page for updates, they also have Twitter and a Blog so all news on their new products can be found there :) 

So far im really excited to try these out i can't wait for the release i will be getting 1,2..or a few to review for you guys so i'll report back with my opinion soon!

Launch is 4PM TOMORROW 28th November 2012 i want to wait for them to appear in my local superdrug as i want to get a feel of them first and see if their soft etc, ill pick out my personal favs to try & let you know how they perform!

The brushes range in price from £1.50-£5, most are around £3 apparently which is insane value for money!

Are you as excited as i am to try these new babies out? 

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