Welcome To My New Blog!

Hi Beauty Bugs,

For those of you that followed my previous blog > here < and have popped over, thank you for your existing support, to both new readers & old, welcome to my new blog!

I had been thinking of making a new blog for a while as i wanted to give my blog a revamp & a catchier name!
After many weeks of doodling on notepads,making countless mind maps and going through a ton of beauty related words & catch phrases i finally decided on London Beauty Bug as i feel its cute, catchy and easy to remember!

I also wanted to change the layout and design & went for a simplistic clean look as thats what i like and feel it looks a bit more professional :-)

I have transferred all my old posts over to this blog. So if there was a post you particularly enjoyed or found useful its still here just have a look in the blog archive on right bar!
Also that is why some posts may have the old URL watermarked onto the pictures!

Anywho i hope you guys enjoy the new design and blog and please remember i won't be posting on the old one anymore so do follow me here if you enjoyed my previous blog & want to keep up to date with my posts.

I also have a Facebook page here for those of you who want info about my career journey as a make up artist, blog posts and any competitions i hold or interesting ones i have entered & found. As well as random beauty and make up related status' :-)

& As always you can find me on Twitter here !


  1. Good luck with your new blog! Hope it is as successful as your old one! Would you be able to take a look at my blog?



  2. New follower, definitely love your blog and have been dodging around reading some old posts :) Good stuff! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!