London Muse Make up School

Hey guys,
Its been a long time! i havent blogged in ages & this post in fact is months overdue but i have to write about it because i had such a lovely time on my make up course. 
(Beware this post is picture heavy! & i held back with the amount i posted i have SO many ,you'de be scrolling forever if i posted them all!)

I attended London Muse in June for their 'Ultimate Hair & Makeup Course' its a 4 week intensive course covering all aspects of make up artistry including Bridal, Catwalk, Editorial, Glamour and Fashion as well as a week of hairstyling! Here's a link to the course description on their site > Course Link <

Although the link describes the course i will give a brief insight for those who dont want to go onto the website.

The first part of the course consisted of an intensive 2 Week Foundation-Advanced course. I went to muse 6 days a week from 10-5PM so it was very intense with only one day off a week for a month it was a constant inflow of information,however i never felt overwhelmed as i enjoyed learning about it all,soaking up all the tips and tricks.

Week 1

Introduced the class to the basics from hygiene, facial geometry, Skin tones, Working with ethnic skin tones, contouring, smokey eyes..& much more.Basically everything and anything you can think of to do with having a basic yet in depth understanding of make up and its proper application.

Week 2

The second week of the course gave us the opportunity to learn about different styles of make up application such as glamour, editorial, catwalk and fashion. We were also introduced to the world of HD makeup ,male grooming and even special effects such as ageing,this was one of the funniest days on the course,i thoroughly enjoyed turning my colleague into a crazy old woman i couldn't stop laughing!

Here are a few pictures from the first couple of weeks:

Here was my attempt at ageing make up on a class mate, note the crudely overdrawn lips and stuck on mole and brows! haha

I then decided to take it a step further adding rotting teeth with grease paints !! i literally cried with laughter that day!

Week 3

Week 3 introduced us to bridal make up, how to set up our own bridal businesses, the difference in application to regular make up.
As its a very important day for the bride, a day where she wants to make sure she looks her best at all times this week focused on flawless application and ensuring the longevity of the bride's make up. Also making us aware of how certain ingredients in products affect how they photograph as thats another important aspect to consider. We also had 2 days of bridal hairstyling which mainly covered various romantic & soft up and down hairstyles most requested on wedding days.

Here are some of the images from the week:

Artist: Nicci Jackson

And here was my first attempt at a bridal look on a colleague.I was particularly concentrating on the look of the skin & using complimentary colours considering hair and eye colour.

Here are a few of the updo's completed in the bridal week, Tutor Nicci hard at work:

A few of mine: 

Week 4

This final week saw us put down our make up brushes entirely and focus on hair styling! This was such a fun yet at times stressful week, we learnt basic things like a volume blowdry to a variety of different and creative hair styles & techniques!
Here are a few pictures of my work from the last week:

After completion of the training we all received our feed back & certificates i was overwhelmed with the advice and comments i received it gave me the reassurance & confidence in my abilities that i needed to progress further. 

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about something i am passionate about & love so much. The tutors i met on the course gave me invaluable training and such great support . Training at muse was a lovely experience with such a down to earth and friendly environment , they genuinely have your best interests at heart and follow your success past the course even if you dont realise it. It was very much like joining a family, i know i have my tutors there to ask for advice whenever i need and i am so grateful for everything they have done for my confidence in myself and my work. 

I most definitely recommend going there if you're interested in training in make up even if its just to improve your personal skills, they have a variety of short affordable courses and they offer an option to pay in monthly instalments at no extra cost which makes it so much more accessible then other well known make up schools that charge in excess of 20k per year.

More images can be found on my > Facebook MUA Page < 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! & get inspired to follow your dreams, because nothing is impossible with perseverance & hard work, no matter how long it takes.


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  2. I've got a similar post scheduled to go up in a few weeks and I echo everything you've said - MUSE really is life changing. The age makeup is always so much fun, we cried with laughter on my course too - you actually can't believe it's you when you look in the mirror! x

  3. Planning to do the foundation course at MUSE soon. Is it a well recognized makeup school ? I want to go to a good school if I am going to spend all that money :)