Collin Resultime Mini Facial Kit

Hi Guys, 

So the friendly people at Collin Result time skincare were kind enough to send out sample facial kits to people a good while ago via twitter, i love trying out new skin care so decided to take up the opportunity to try some of their products!

Here are the Goodies i received in the post! The products also came with a step by step guide on how to use them.

I've included my initial reaction notes from using the products:

Cleansing milk-
Makeup literally melted away instantly , smells gorgeous and luxurious, consistency is light and creamy, skin is left feeling very soft and moisturised & pores look minimised.

Gorgeous delicate fragrance .love love love the smell!
Leaves skin feeling tingling clean. Again skin looks visibly refined and pores diminished.

Consistency feels rich and creamy like an overnight moisturiser , semi-dense in exfoliation particles which are effective yet not harsh.Enough that you feel you are getting a mild-moderate exfoliation out of it, yet gentle enough to use more then once a week.
Again like milk cleanser skin is left feeling incredibly soft as if no moisturiser would even be needed!

Very light green tea like scent.
Consistency is thinner then other clay masks I've tried, non drying so none of the 'tight face' feeling commonly associated with clay masks ,upon rinsing off feels like a moisturiser, like all other products pores look instantly visibly minimised skin is left matte and feeling soft.

Eye Contour Gel:
Light and fastly absorbed almost undetectable scent eye area feels lightly refreshed, results after sample is completely finished will be updated .

(Oil control) very light, mildy runny ,very fast absorption, leaves skin looking matte and feeling thoroughly moisturised yet feels almost undetectable once absorbed.True test in the morning under make up through a day if work!

Overall conclusion: 

Very happy.The scent is amazing across the line & very relaxing, all products look and feel luxurious but most importantly work well. Instant results never before seen in any skincare I've previously tried. Very impressed! However a little out of my price range for the whole full sized set we're looking at a combined price in the hundreds :-(. However! Upon contacting them about this they informed me of their 'Hero Products' which are suitable for all skin types & multi use - so cost effective, which sounds great if you cant afford the whole line.

For example, the Regenerating Collagen Gel is hydrating, plumping and brightening, and can be used as a serum, mask and sleep mask. The Micellar Radiance Cleansing Water removes make-up, cleanses and tones, all-in-one. The Lifting Minute Mask plumps, refreshes and gives a burst of radiance, and doubles up as a serum.

You can purchase their skin care >Here< Average prices for their products hover around £20-£40. So not too bad if you just wanted to buy the odd thing here & there but it would be a range to invest in if you wanted a complete skin care set.

Anywho i hope you guys enjoyed the review. With skin care its hard to comment as different people's skin act differently to each other but as a whole after having tried a good few of their products it would definitely be a range i would be happy to spend my money on. For now i may indulge in a product or two for that little special treat on a pamper day :-)

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