Dermalogica Starter Kit Review (Normal/Oily)

Hi Guys,

So today i will be talking about dermalogica skin care. It is a well known premium brand that most could argue is one of the leading go to brands in the industry, if not the go to brand.

They cater for all skin types and offer affordable starter kits at £25 including a Cleanser, Toner, Exfoliant, Moisturiser & Eye cream. All kits also include samples of various products related to your skin concern such as a mask & Pre-cleanse (a light weight cleansing oil, perfect for make up removal) So its a great way of getting introduced to the brand and determine for yourself if its worth the investment.

I had a face mapping session with a dermalogica consultant at the Pro Beauty event not too long ago who basically took a good look at my skin (under some intense magnifying glasses) and prescribed me the products she thought would best suit my skin & luckily the Normal/Oily kit had everything on my list which was great & very convenient.

Now, im used to buying products aimed at oily skin types as my skin has always been a nuisance when it comes to the longevity of my make up because it looks a shiny mess within hours of application no matter what lengths i go to to try and make it last (primers, oil control moisturiser, setting powders).
So i was surprised i didn't have to pick up the oily kit which was packed with a lot more drying products such as a clay based cleanser & oil control moisturiser which i thought i needed.
Thats where i realised what my problem was, i was so used to using such strong products that my skin was working against what i was using and fighting back with even more oil to compensate for what i was stripping away!

Lets take a look at the kit:

Ive been using this kit for about 2 weeks now and i have to say im genuinely so pleased with it. 
It has made such a big improvement in the overall condition of my skin to the point where im feeling like i need less and less make up, which is fantastic!

I look forward to taking off my make up because this is a joy to use, there's no fragrance & it doesn't feel harsh on the skin at all, no tingling sensation, no harsh scrubs, no stripping or drying ingredients, it just feels gentle. Yet every day when i wake up my skin looks considerably better & has a lovely glow to it. Here's a picture i took sans make up just after having used this system for about a week

My skin still gets oily but not as much as before, it's definitely helped control the levels of oil without drying my skin out and causing it to flake (which is what other stronger creams were doing).

The kit also came with 4ml of their 'total eye care'. Now dark circles are one of my major skin battles , now that i have my problematic skin pretty much under control in terms of breakouts my next big tackle is trying to improve the look of the discolouration around my eyes and no cream has given me satisfactory results, im on my 2nd week of trying the eye cream & there's not much to report there because i haven't seen any big improvements but the cream does give an instant improvement & i feel thats achieved by its slight tint.
Upon application it does brighten the eye area but ill only feel comfortable commenting on the long term effects once i've finished this sample!

I hope you guys enjoyed the review, overall i definitely recommend going to your nearest department store that stocks dermalogica and trying the kit out! Let me know your thoughts & if you've ever tried their range before!


  1. You have a lovely blog! I'm a new follower.

    xx, Gina

    1. thankyou! i followed you back :-) xx

  2. Lovely review! I've used their products before and think they're great too! You would love the daily microfoliant!! Its amazing.. :)

    Siobhan xxx