Schwarzkopft Got2b Volumising Powder

Hey Guys,

Today i'm going to do a quick review on the Schwarzkopft Got2b Volumising Powder , i picked this up the other day in superdrug as it was on offer for like £2 so i thought why not! we do with everything thats on offer haha.

I had eyed this up a few times but never picked it up, but i'm glad i did! Now, i've only tried this twice but i'm pleasantly impressed, for such an affordable product there is definitely a noticeable difference in volume.

The instructions say to pop a little bit on ur hands, rub them together & then massage the product into your roots. It's an incredibly light powder that disappears on your hands & feels quite cold & sticky, I tried this technique and it worked, but i prefer sprinkling it straight onto my roots & rubbing it in as i feel the majority of product is actually working on my hair & not just sticking to my hands. 
For the rest of my hair i tipped my head upside down and used the recommended application technique; adding a bit of boost elsewhere throughout the rest of my scalp. It also adds a bit of texture to the hair which i like. Here is a picture i took after styling my hair with it:

As you can see there is definitely visible lift at the roots, my hair looks nice and full. As for longevity, i can actually say this lasted all day, because of the slight stickiness it makes your hair more manageable,which is especially useful on 1st day hair as you can just style it with your fingers and it will do as its told! 

I will be popping back to check out what else this brand has to offer as this has impressed me & quite a few bits of theirs are on offer at superdrug at the moment so its a perfect opportunity to try them for a steal of a price.

Hope you enjoyed the post,


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  2. Hi! I have a similar product and I love it!

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