Siena X Dark Glowing Tan Review

Hi Guys,

Today's topic will be self tan. The one in particular i will be reviewing is Siena X.

I've never tried anything by this brand before but have heard such good reviews from both word of mouth & the blogger/youtube community, so when i saw they had a stand at the Pro Beauty event i took that as my opportunity to pick up a bottle!

Here are a few of the goodies i picked up at the event

I couldn't wait to get home and try it out straight away, so after the normal pre tan prep i went about my normal application process.

Here are some of the initial before and after pictures (note: the colour obviously hasn't fully developed;this is just what the initial guide colour looks like immediately after application)

As you can see its a lovely colour this does in fact deepen quite a bit the first 5-10 mins after application. I personally think the colour it ends up is far too dark to go out in but each to their own!

I took some snapshots on my phone without flash the following day after i washed off the guide colour (sorry for the crap quality i kept forgetting to take proper pics the day after application- ill update this with a hi-res photo soon) I took the picture showing the colour of the tan against a white bra just so you can see the contrast & how deep the colour is)

Updated Pics (On camera not phone-with flash) - Day after application

I applied the tan to my face on top of my night-time moisturiser, i believe this helped sheer the tan out and ensure the colour was even as i didn't want it as dark on my face.
Self-tan usually tends to stick to certain areas on the face however i had no problems with using this on my face at all & so far it has not caused me any breakouts.Bonus!

As for application, this tan glides on like a dream, it's extremely easy to blend, streak free and dries fast;you wont go to bed feeling sticky which was an issue i encountered when using xen tan.
I apply 2 pumps per section i.e Legs/Thighs/stomach, arms..etc apart from my face where i only use a pea sized amount.

It feels lovely and creamy and smells gorgeous, almost like apricots or something similarly fruity,i cant quite put my finger on it. Its by no means an overpowering scent & apparently they have even won an award on being the best smelling self tan! I have to say i can vouch for that. 

In the morning i cant really detect the tale tale biscuity scent commonly associated with self tanners, it is faintly present but thats nothing a nicely scented body wash/lotion cant mask.

This tan lasts well, i apply my self tan once a week & i feel thats enough. Obviously your colour wont be as rich on the last days but it does hold well and fades evenly. As with all tans the longevity can be prolonged if you make sure to moisturise religiously everyday. However you can give the colour a little top up mid-late week with a gradual tanner if you feel the need to deepen the colour.

My Verdict: 10/10

I loved this tan so much i will be looking into what else they have to offer,this is definitely my HG tan now i was so impressed! Have you guys ever tried Siena X before? If so leave your product suggestions bellow id love to check out any recommendations.

Thats all from me, i hope you guys enjoyed the post! 


  1. Iv tried this before and fell in love, you've just remained me to pick this up! Xx

  2. I knew you would love it! its gorgeous! need to repurchase when ive used up some of my other tans ;)

    Hayley x

  3. This look so natural!!!!
    But I do have a bad experience with self tan :( After Spray Xen- Tan I got some rash all over my face :(
    I might give this one a try though.
    Lovely blog Gina :)
    I am now following you with a pleasure :) x x