My Everyday Hair Tutorial - 'How To : Soft Everyday Curls'

Hey Girlies,

So today i am venturing into youtube world and will be posting my very first video tutorial. My first video was actually supposed to be a tutorial for this mossy green smokey eye 

but i have tried to film that literally 5 times and im never happy with the footage/lighting/volume etc so ill attempt that again soonish! I dont think i can manage it today because if i have to say 'mossy green smokey eye' one more time i think i may just lose my mind haha!

So in the meantime i filmed my everyday hair tutorial , its just showing you how i wear my hair everyday, a lot of people ask me how i curl my hair and i thought filming a video would be the easiest way to show you how! :-)

So i really hope you guys enjoy the tutorial, please feel free to leave suggestion comments on what you'de like to see in future videos!

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Take Care

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