Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur Primer Review

Hey Guys,

Today's post is going to be about the Garnier 5 second perfect blur primer.

I recently bought this from superdrug as i was in need of a new primer and had noticed this lurking around on various blogs & from what i had seen, the reviews all seemed to sing this product endless praise. After a quick swatch in store i decided on giving it a go.

Now my initial impression of the product was that it did an amazing job at filling in the tiny lines on my hand & also evened out the colour of it to an extent, it also felt incredibly silky and smooth upon application. 
Another fab bonus was the nozzle! which means minimal product wastage and clean dispensation of product , minimising any possible grubbiness in the lid.

The consistency of this product is mousey, almost air whipped. When you squeeze the bottle air does come out with it, sometimes it comes out a little 'bitty' if that makes sense, so be careful or it can splatter.

Here's a swatch of the primer on my hand, as you can see it does fill in the fine lines and mattifies the skin, it has also seemed to brighten the complexion a tad also.

However the true test came when i used this underneath my makeup..and this is where it failed to deliver. At first the primer does a lovely job at improving the texture of my skin, my skin looks matte & smooth, i have to say because of the silkiness of the product it did help my makeup glide on a lot easier which in turn means you use a little less product which is a bonus.

and this is a big but..after only an hour or 2 my face was already shiny and as i constantly tended to my oily face with blotting papers and powder my make up slowly just seemed to disappear.I was left with patchy coverage and an oily face..thumbs down.
The primer does an awful job and prolonging /even just keeping the makeup on my face to the point where i actually feel it would last longer without a primer at all.
I tried this 3 days in a row to try and be fair but each time it melted off abnormally fast, i was really disappointed as i had high hopes for this primer but i have come to the conclusion it may be better suited for those of you who have normal-dry skin as it just doesn't seem to work at all for my oily skin.

Now i didn't want to give up on this as i didn't want to admit i wasted my money :( so i tried to continue using it.So far i have tried using it in conjunction with my usual primer (rimmel fix & perfect pro) why? well my theory was that i'd use the rimmel for its fab make up prolonging and shine control properties and the garnier to help smooth away pores and fine lines.

I apply it to my t-zone and a little on my cheeks around the nose to smooth the pores and so far it does help a little but i don't want to feel like i'm overloading my face with too many products so i thinks its time to admit defeat! If any of you are interested in trying this product i'm pretty sure i will be popping this into a blog sale so comment and let me know if you're interested!

I have also recorded a quick youtube review of this so if you like pop on over and check it out! :)

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  1. What a shame that after such a promising start it was such a let down, it looked like a great product from the swatches! Xx