Olympia Beauty Event + Haul

Hey Guys,

I recently went to Olympia Beauty, It's an event comparable to IMATS ,Pro beauty,makeup show live etc . It is a trade beauty event where a ton of brands both established and also some new go to showcase their products with some great discounts! It's also a great opportunity to network with other industry professionals.

I have a video haul of this event on my youtube channel! Feel free to check that out & take a second to subscribe here to keep up to date with my future video's! I will be editing & uploading a tutorial for the look im wearing in the video very soon!


For those of you who aren't familiar with these type of events it is basically a huge hall full of stands for various brands, they also hold makeup competitions where artists go head to head and try to create the best look!

Here is an overview picture of the event from olympia's website.

I had a great time on the day having a look around at everything and picking up a few bits and bobs for myself and my kit, making the most of the discounts offered on the day!

My main target were the crown brushes as i absolutely adore them, particularly their silk range which is the best line they offer.The bonus about this brand are their fantastic affordable prices, even at full price. You can get your hands on a lot of their eye brushes for around £5-£8 and even under ! Check out their website and have a browse 
Crown Brushes UK <

Here are a few of the things i picked up:

I've swatched all the products for you guys to see! First up are the NYX Products.Here i've swatched the 4 Jumbo pencils i picked up:

I absolutely adore these pencils they're great as an eyeshadow base especially for vibrant eyes, you can pop a pencil that compliments the shadow that you're using underneath your powder shadow as a base for maximum colour impact! You can even use the dark brown pencil on its own blended out all over the lid to create a 2 minute smokey eye!

Next up i chose their 'skin tone eyeshadow base' this is great for creating a really lovely uniform colour to the lid in preparation for any eyeshadow, it also has a great texture which enables powder shadow to really stick to it! Fab coverage as well so it can even double up as a concealer! I picked up shade 03

The lip products for the day included a lovely deep coral-pink Matte lipstick and a peachy nude gloss to die for! I love matte lipsticks as the staying power is great, this formulation isn't too dry as well, it has more of a creamy texture than the typical dragging dry texture associated with a lot of matte lipsticks.

As the name insinuates the Mega shine lipgloss is just that. It's a gorgeous peachy gloss that is great for everyday wear. Teamed up with this lipstick it creates a beautiful coral-peach combo.

Next i have my beloved crown brushes, i picked up 6 eye brushes on the day & am super pleased with them all! Especially my double ended brush as i had been after a metal eyelash separator for ages.

The brushes that i picked up (in order) are:
  • Pointed liner C485
  • Mini Flat Smudge C402
  • LG Concealer C225
  • Double Sided BX-140
  • Mini Smudger BC435
  • Cream Shadow C403

Finally we have the polishes! I headed over to the nubar stand (a couple of times) at first i tried to resist temptation but some of the swatches had me hooked. At first i thought 'one wont do any harm' yeh..that turned into 3 totally necessary purchases and i dont regret it one bit!

On the left we have a stunning glowy natural pink , perfect for a french manicure or even on its own. It has this indescribable 'glow factor' that simply makes your nails look lovely and healthy. Score!

In the middle we have torrid Red the most beautiful deep shimmery red, the gold shimmer that runs through it catches the light beautifully and in my opinion is the perfect colour for autumn!

Lastly we have a coral-nude shade, i was after a nude with a punch of something going through it and this is just that!

So thats it for the Haul, i hope you guys like the post and the things i picked up. Did you go to the event? If so i'd love to know what products you bought too !

Thank you for stopping by,


  1. I went to this last year and loved it! I could have spent so much more than I did! Xx


  2. I love NYX products, although I'm yet to try the jumbo eye pencils. Just watched your video - you're gorgeous! X