Touching Base

Hi Guys,

Long time no blog! i feel like my life recently has been a massive blur . From applying for my new job to now , i feel that i am finally settled so really want to get back into allocating time aside so that i can start blogging more frequently & filming video's as i really do enjoy it!

I am also thinking of doing a series of posts that follow my life as an up and coming makeup artist. My first idea was to film a shoot process from creating my moodboards & picking my brushes and kit the night before to application on the model and the products i like using as i think it would be fun to both blog about and read/watch!

Behind the scenes images from a Japanese punk inspired test shoot i did.

For those of you that don't know I have also started working for MAC (yay) I want to use this opportunity to build up my product knowledge and most importantly my experience in working on a variety of ages, skin tones & face's.
Its also a great chance for me to build up my kit further, as i am exposed to products on an everyday basis i can make a good informed decision on which products i like and want to include in both my personal and professional makeup kit. So far i am really enjoying myself and am finding the experience i am gaining from this job invaluable as it is really building my confidence.

I have recently (as you can imagine) bought loads of bits and bobs so will be doing some haul posts and reviews soon, i also want to film some more tutorials and videos so please feel free to comment on what you'd like to see!

I hope you have all had a wonderful christmas and new year! I want to be more productive with my networking and blogging this year so fingers crossed i can keep to that promise to myself! ha

Thank you all for stopping by ! if you're a new reader please feel free to comment with your website links so i can check you all out!

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