Night Time Skincare Routine

Today's post will be a short but sweet one about skincare.

As I get asked a lot about my skincare routine, I thought I'd take a quick picture of the products I'm using at the moment and include a brief description of what they are & what my routine actually is.

So as you can see this probably consists of more products than the average person uses but I personally believe in the importance of investing time into a proper skincare routine. Frankly I believe that everyone has the time to set aside a few minutes out of the whole day to do it properly, it doesn't need to be as in depth as my routine just needs to be effective and thorough and include at least the 3 basic steps being Cleanse *, Tone & Moisturise. Add serums, lotions and potions to your fancy, as you can see..i like a few.
* (preferably double cleanse if wearing makeup)

On to the products:

1- I take off eye makeup with Garnier cleansing water ( this is mostly to keep my muslin cloths from getting filthy, it's also super quick,easy & gentle )

2- Cleanse with frankincense deep cleansing balm by Balm Balm - Amazing , melts away makeup & is very soothing on the skin . Not too keen on the scent , I don't hate it & I can live with it considering the results.

3 - Second cleanse with Bravura London volcanic mud cleanser ( today I left this on to let it treat my skin as a mask- this is a 2 in 1 product) I use this as a mask 1-2 times per week . other days i use this as a cleanser. This has aloe vera in it, which being a relative to the onion will make your eyes water. Please bare this in mind incase you think you're allergic when using aloe vera based products, its perfectly normal for it to make you cry.

4 - Tone with Bravura London Purifying Calendula Toner (this is an AHA acid toner - so will exfoliate and refine skin texture )
I LOVE these 2 gems from bravura and I sincerely mean all of those capitals and bold font. This is a new HG . Bravura London ..Bravo you are incredible!

5 - La prairie cellular eye essence platinum rare - Still making my mind up about this one, it's a case of does it work..can I see results.. I don't really know. Sometimes a wake up and think wow it's starting to work..other times not so much, I must use it for longer.
However ,it has a beautiful texture that sinks in efficiently and is very light weight. ( I judge eye skincare by its ability to brighten, firm and improve the look of my dark circles..that's a tough job so not much impresses me as not much helps with darkness- boo)

6 - Clinique pore refining solutions serum - instant effects, I like the way it refines the look of the texture of my the name insinuates ;) does what it says on the tin. score.

7 - Trilogy organic Rosehip oil - warning ..this faintly smells a bit like fish but works beautifully on marks and healing the skin in general. An oil is a night time staple for me.

8 - Origins Super Spot Remover - (optional if i have spots) I apply this only and directly to individual spots. I find its most effective applied this way instead of all over an area of the face. I call this my spot murderer.

9 - Mavala Eye lash serum - Helped my brows grow back, not too impressed with the results on my lashes, it gives them a nice lift but not so much fullness and length noticed. Going back to my trusty rapid lash ( ones already in the post ) Sorry Mavala.

10 - Rapid Brow Brow serum - the sister to Rapid Lash which I love. Only just started using this, I'm excited to see the results I'll get.

And that's it. 10 Products . 10 steps . Kept short and sweet with mini reviews, I hope you liked the post! Until Next time , thanks for reading :)

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