Konjac Cleansing Sponge

Today's post is going to be about a cleansing sponge that I had previously heard a lot of buzz about but never got the opportunity to get my hands on, until recently..

I popped into my local revital store a little over a week ago to have a browse at the skincare, saw it displayed and took that opportunity to finally give it a go. Now to just to give you a brief background on the company and the sponge itself . 
The sponges are an 100% natural , biodegradable and made from pure vegetable roots. Completely free from chemicals , cruelty free and vegan friendly. They are also apparently packed with minerals and antioxidants. The company also states that you can even remove water based makeup with the sponge alone.

Onto my experience with it. Upon opening the packet the sponge was really hard and looked a little like a pumice stone,I simply ran it under a warm tap for a little while and within no time it had softened up and expanded(reminded me of how I use my beauty blender) Once expanded, it almost feels a bit slippery on the skin, I can't quite describe the texture of it but it's incredibly soft and I thoroughly enjoy using it for cleansing. I briefly looked up reviews online of how people were using their sponges and came across this really helpful video that shows the sponge in use.


I did attempt the sponge without cleanser to see if it would remove my makeup and found it works better for me with the use of one . As a strong advocate of double cleansing and having a proper skin care routine in general I personally wouldn't feel like my skin had been cleansed enough without the use of an actual cleanser.

I start with removing my eye makeup with the Garnier micellar water . 
I then follow up with my cleansing balm (balm balm deep cleansing frankincense balm) I remove the cleanser with a warm muslin cloth and follow up with my second cleanse . 
For this, I am using the bravura volcanic mud cleanser - I pop this on ,emulsify it with a little bit of water and use the sponge to exfoliate and work the cleanser in . I then keep rinsing the sponge & working it on my skin until all of the cleanser has been removed. Finally I go over my skin with the clean sponge to make sure every residue of cleanser and makeup has been removed. 

I really enjoy the sensation of the sponge on my skin as it's super soft and a joy to use , I even use it on my eye area to make sure all of my mascara has been removed (it is perfectly safe for use around the eyes- bonus). 

To conclude , I was almost shocked that my skin looks much clearer and the texture of it has improved a lot since incorporating this sponge into my routine, I didn't expect to see too much difference in the clarity of my skin as the products I use hasn't changed but surprisingly it did.
I do feel like it's a valuable addition to my routine and it's helped make sure my skin is thoroughly cleansed. I will definitely continue to use it and will be also checking out the brands range of body sponges!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the post ,

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