HG Product Rave! - Ben Nye Setting Spray

I love finding inexpensive products that do exactly what they say on the tin.

The product in Question of course is the Ben Nye Final seal setting spray.

Prices range from:
1 floz : £7.30
2 floz : £9.74
8 floz : £22.44
and lastly a ginormous 16floz : £35.90

(Prices are taken from the only uk based site i found that stocks all sizes.Link Below)
Dauphines - 'The Wig & Make-up People' It is also available in the Screenface make up store in London (Near Covent Garden)

I first ordered this just over a year ago & fell in love with it,since then i have repurchased a bottle a couple of months ago.As i didnt use this everyday it lasted me ages( I did get a large bottle). Firstly let me stress that i personally dont think this is a product that is suitable for daily use. It is strong and is best suited for special occasions when you really need your make up to go that extra mile. If you use it too frequently you run the risk of it drying out your skin. However if you really want/need to use it frequently maybe make sure you are really hydrating your skin.Especially at night, use a heavier cream or introduce an oil- one of my personal favourites is Rosehip oil. Also ensure you give your skin a break a few days a week. 

  • It makes your make up last all day..seriously i mean it!
  • Retails at a super affordable price in comparison to most other setting sprays.
  • Has a fresh minty scent ,which some dislike but i personally find lovely and refreshing!
  • Works perfectly in all conditions from humidity to rainy and hot summer days.
  • The nozzle on the original bottle it comes in is awful...to be polite. It needs to be replaced and put into a different container with a better nozzle.
  • The scent can be considered unpleasant or a bit strong for some .
  • Do not get this product in or around your eyes it is strong and will irritate the delicate eye area
  • Can cause dryness if too much is used / used too frequently.

As i mentioned in the cons the original nozzle is awful and distributes the product unevenly,so please make sure you replace the bottle, they can be purchased pretty much everywhere inexpensively.I put this into my used urban decay 'all nighter' bottle and it sprays a lot more evenly & more like a mist which is what you would want.

When I say this holds your make up all day I mean it ..it's truly amazing! I've tested this in hot & humid conditions and it has held up amazingly!It makes the makeup virtually everything 'proof' & i noticed a considerable reduction in the amount of transfer onto clothes as well.
I remember when i first discovered this i was genuinely so excited to have found it so deemed it compulsory to write up about it!

So get online order and see for yourself! I have/would never rave about a product unless I truly believed in it and loved it! & if you've already tried this spray i would love to hear your experiences with this product !

As always thank you for stopping by & i hoped you enjoyed this post.

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