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I recently visited the Harley Academy Clinics near canary wharf (i visited the one within Lyca Health - they have several locations) after a friend of mine reached out to let me know about the clinic. 

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I was instantly intrigued by their professional and educational approach to cosmetic treatments; their ethos is centred around ensuring that only medical professionals perform cosmetic injectables by providing a safe and regulated environment for their postgraduates to hone their skills.


It is alarming that at present there are actually no legislation's in regards to who is permitted to perform these procedures, in simple terms training providers will accept anyone (most commonly beauty therapists & aestheticians) onto courses to learn these techniques with no prior medical backgroundI understand that for some people the significantly lower cost in going to some of these establishments may be tempting however the potentially dangerous consequences could be both physically and mentally damaging. An in depth understanding of the human anatomy and vascular system only achieved by being a trained medical professional is indisputably of higher importance than cost when choosing a practitioner for your cosmetic treatments. This is something that is not guaranteed if you don't get a medical professional to perform these treatments for you and this is where Harley academy clinics bridges the gap between the two, by providing a safe & professional environment for clients to attain affordable treatments in return for your participation in the training of their graduates.

The Set Up / My Experience

The clinic has a large reception area as soon as you walk in so you are quickly seen to. The clinic is spacious and clean with several large treatment rooms which look pristine.

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From start to finish i felt very comfortable in the hands of my doctor who after a polite introduction first asked me to discuss any concerns i had. 
We then got into a facial analysis, a process where the doctor looks at your face in thirds and discusses potential treatments that they feel may be suitable to achieve your desired look/improve any facial asymmetries present. This process felt natural and definitely not pushy or impersonal.I particularly enjoyed this as the doctor really explained in detail possible causes for the concerns i raised; for example explaining that lines around the nose could be improved by a subtle cheek enhancement where someone could have initially assumed they may need their smile lines filled. Or sleeping on a particular side of your face could result in flattening of the cheek. 

After we completed the facial analysis a treatment plan was constructed with a strong overall aim of maintaining a natural look to the face. With every step of this interaction the doctors really involve the graduates and get them to ask their own questions, ensuring that they are a part of the process as much as you are,i think that this is an excellent form of hands on training.

The doctor proceeds with the treatments that you both agree to, a consent form is signed making you aware of every possible side affect and ensuring that you are informed on exactly what is being used ,what is being treated and why. 
The graduates observe and perform part of the procedure themselves, for example botox could be administered in one area by the main doctor and another by the graduate.

After your procedures are completed they provide you with in depth after care information to ensure you attain the best results.

Described bellow are some of the popular treatments they provide:

Tear trough treatment
The filling of the under eye area to improve darkness caused by shadowing from the loss off fat under the eye. This procedure is performed using filler to lift and improve any depression under the eyes, resulting in a smoother look decreasing the appearance of darkness. (This does not work as well for those who have significant bags under the eyes) 
(my personal results photos)

Cheek Filler
If you lack volume in the mid section of your face i have seen fantastic results from people who have had cheek enhancements. This provides a youthful lift to the mid section and a gorgeous contours to the structure of the face.
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Relaxes muscles that form wrinkles & lines. This treatment results in a refreshed and smoother look to the face. Particularly popular around the eyes and forehead. 
Images obtained from Harley Academy Clinics website

Lip Filler
To improve lack/loss of fullness. This is perfect for those wanting to enhance the plumpness of the lips or restore volume caused by factors such as ageing or smoking.

Images obtained from Harley Academy Clinics website

To conclude i have had such a positive experience i couldn't recommend this clinic enough, i have already recommended them to friends and family. I love their in depth consultations and their strong ethos towards educating both their graduates and clients a like.

You can register to be considered for being a model here for a reduced rate of £100 per ml filler / syringe of Botox.

(Please bare in mind this offer is in acknowledgement of the fact that you will have graduates perform (part) procedures on you. Only be in touch with them if you are 100% comfortable with this - rest assured you are in safe hands - for further information read here

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