Reverse Liner Look

Today's post will be detailing the key products used to create the look i posted on Instagram today.

With polished dewy skin and a muted pink lip the focus was kept on the bright blue liner.

Sigma smokescreen palette, sigma brush kit, sigma indigobird liner, sigma E58, sigma E44, sigma E30

For the eyes i started with applying a thin layer of concealer to even out the tone of the lid. I then started by lining my waterline, lower lash line & then sketching out the liner design with the Indigobird liner, cleaning up when necessary with a small concealing brush dipped in makeup remover to achieve a crisp edge. 
I then blended the edges of the pencil with the E30 Pencil brush blending this into the Nebula shade from the Smokescreen palette to create a subtle gradient & add a touch of shimmer.

To complete the eyes and add that 'pièce de la résistance' i applied the Pearl Varnish Eye gloss by MAC with the E58 brush in long firm sweeping motions - application technique is key with a gloss to get a nice smooth appearance.

I have found a >Brush set< on the Sigma website that actually includes all of the brushes i used for this look which is super handy. The reason i love this brush set is that it is all synthetic hair - particularly important to me as i have an allergy to natural hair brushes. I also find them easier to clean and less prone to staining. Synthetic brushes are also suitable for liquid and cream product as well as powder unlike natural hair which is only suited to powder products.

Reverse Liner, Liner Looks, Blue Trend Eye Makeup, Eye Focus Makeup, Sigma Indigobird, Sigma Rosette Lip Eclipse, MAC Pearl Varnish, Eye gloss,

To highlight the skin i have started steering away from powder highlighters recently, opting for my new favourite product by MAC - Shine mixing medium. This product gives the skin a gorgeous healthy skincare sheen which looks a lot more natural than a powder highlight. 
Those with Dry or mature skin may prefer a product like this to a powder product that they may feel enhances any texture present on the skin.
The only place i lightly powdered was my under eye - which is essential to prevent concealer creasing.

I always like to keep my brows looking polished and defined, for this i enjoy using the eyebrow cake powder duo (in dark brown) by NYX Cosmetics to fine tune my shape using an angled brush, i then finish them off by applying their clear bow set using upward strokes to help add texture to the brows.

To add definition to the cheeks i opted for the cream contour palette by Sleek  (in medium) This product is not only easy to blend but because of its creamy texture it helps preserve the dewy appearance of the skin.

For the Lip i quickly lined my lips with Whirl lip liner by MAC and then patted on Rosette Lip Eclipse by Sigma - a gorgeous full coverage comfortable gloss.

As always i hope you liked the look but before you go i'll leave you with a discount code for the Sigma website in case you want to pick up any of the products used in this post :) please pop 'SIGMA2017' in the discount code box at the checkout to enjoy 10% off your purchase.

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