Spectra Carbon Peel At Premier Laser & Skin Clinic

After having such a great experience with my hydra facial at Premier Laser & Skin Clinic in Notting Hill, I went back to try a new treatment, highly recommended by the staff at the clinic.

The Spectra Carbon Peel is a laser-based facial that promises a broad range of benefits including:
  • Evening the Skin Tone
  • Improvement of pigmentation
  • Reduction of pore size
  • Helping to combat inflammation & redness
  • Controlling excess sebum production
  • Helping to restore damaged skin
As someone who has oily skin prone to blemishes & also suffers from pigmentation as a result of breakouts, this sounded like a fantastic fit for the needs of my skin.

What To Expect
To begin, protective eyewear will be popped on & after a thorough cleansing of the skin, a black photo enhancer lotion is applied; the practitioner explained that the laser targets the area in which this lotion is applied due to its colour.

A few passes of the laser will be performed, this heats up the pores & helps eliminate any active acne. The laser vaporizes the lotion and lightly ablates the top layer of dead skin. This process can be clearly seen in the video & is quite satisfying to watch! The practitioner repeats this process 3 times for optimal results.

What Does It Feel/Sound Like?
Expect to feel concentrated heat where the laser makes contact with your skin. It may feel uncomfortable at times but in my opinion, it never hurts.
Some of the equipment will be loud at certain points with beeping sounds. This isn't a relaxing massage based facial it is more time efficient and results focused!

How Long Does It Take? What Is The Downtime?
I was surprised at how quickly the facial was performed, I was in and out in approximately 45 minutes! & with minimal downtime, this would make the perfect pre occasion facial, no wonder it's a favourite amongst celebrities!

With my personal experience, for the rest of the day, I followed the practitioner's advice and did not wear makeup. I really wanted to just let my skin rest to really make the most of the treatment. I didn't experience much redness at all, I may have felt & looked a little bit flushed,  effects similar to that of a good workout session, so nothing that would make you feel self-conscious on the way home.

What Results Did You Experience?
 In the week following the facial, day by day, my skin was looking more even & upon close inspection in the mirror, I definitely noticed a big improvement in the appearance of the texture of my skin and the size of my pores. I always have realistic expectations when it comes to facials and never expect miracles, so whenever I see significant results it's always a welcome surprise.

I definitely see why this facial is so popular and would without a doubt return for another session as I believe the results were worth it! 
I am a huge fan of peels in general and do regular acid-based peels which can sometimes cause dryness, tightness & if at a particularly high concentration cause flakiness, which is obviously very inconvenient, so to have a treatment that gives the same if not better results without the downtime gets a big thumbs up from me!

If you are interested in experiencing this facial for yourself I highly recommend visiting Premier Laser Clinic's website to find your nearest located clinic & read up in detail about the procedure. If you are unsure whether you are suitable for this facial I would recommend booking in for a free consultation to speak to a trained professional and establish the best treatment plan for the needs of your skin- I've always found the ladies there to be very helpful and informative in regards to any questions I had.

As an exclusive benefit to my readers, please feel free to quote my name (Gina Faria) for an exclusive £25 off your first treatment! & 
If you wish to commit to a series of treatments they offer discounts when you book in bulk.

As always, thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the post! Until next time.

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